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I stand, leaning on the bar waiting for you to arrive.
Already late and with my first drink nearly gone I start to think that you are not coming.
Each time the door opens I look around, only to be disappointed.

Then you arrive...make-up subtle, buttoned blouse, short skirt and heels...you walk over to me.
I refresh my drink and buy one for you and we take them over to a quiet corner table.

We sit and chat about small things, the weather, how we got there but all the time as you move your skirt slowly rides a little higher up your thighs.
Occasionally, when you look away from me, I am drawn to the buttoned blouse as it reveals your cleavage...
Eventually, you suggest another pub and we get up and leave.
We head towards my car, my hand on the small of your back softly guiding you in the car park.
As you climb into my high car, you skirt rides up so tantalizingly close to revealing perhaps more than you should.
You ask if I know a pub about 15 minutes away, which I do not so you offer to direct me.
The evening is pleasant, the sun low in the sky, the car warm.
Without notice, you lift yourself off the seat, put your hands up your skirt, and remove the tiniest pants possible...you state how much better that feels and hope I don't mind.

Distracted by your actions, I didn't realise that your directions had us onto a motorway...you tell me to drive slowly as you kick off you huge heels and wriggle down into the seat...

You undo a few more buttons on your blouse so that your bra is visible....
You look at me as you do that strange contortionist move where women take off their bra without removing their top....

You slide the seat back, open your legs and raise one into the dash board of the car...you pull your skirt high to show that incredibly smooth pussy...your hand goes down between your legs.

You start to make noises of pleasure....you then reach down to your bag and take out a dildo which you start to push deeper into yourself.... 
Faster and faster, deeper and deeper, your blouse undine showing nipple pert, breasts heaving for my pleasure, you climax loud and hard as we drive down the road.....
You sit back, exposed, and tell me its time to drive to your home....

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