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Taking money.

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Some will disagree but however i look at it i cannot understand how taking money or gifts off someone in exchange for any sort of sexual act is not considered prostitution .or hijacking the bdsm /fetish scene for gain 

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I dont think we should have financial activities here, there are other website where escorts can sell their bodies to. But the website here make money with them so its a bit of a problem.
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Have to agree. Seem to be a lot looking for ‘paypigs’ recently.
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I get approached by financial doms a lot on here. I even had to disclose that I will not talk to them in my personal ad.
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I got reeled in like a fish... tbh I kinda saw it coming and my  girlfriend warned me.  I am a little cut up coz i liked the bloke.... £500 might be peanuts to some but not me.  I actually sent a report to Fetish which I am here to f/u on...  sidetracked!   I did not know that Fetish makes money off the escorts who collect coin!  BTW I did not give up the money!!!

Your, timeliness  and insight is appreciated 



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It is classed as prostitution, so what? Money is power don't you know and power is domination.

I think because a lot of men have some sense of entitlement to women; emotionally, sexually, & financially, as it's ingrained into society that they should give themselves freely and support men and their needs as a priority then anything outside of that is uncomfortable for them.


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From what I've seen the kink community isn't that different to the vanilla one..people have needs and some, with more niche ones, don't have any other way to satisfy them. 

Sexually frustrated vanillas meet hookers, they pay their money and get the blowie, hand job or fuck they've paid for, submissives/bottoms/masochists might go to a Professional Domme, they get pretty much the same, whatever they pay for...except ProDommes don't offer sex..they do however have to maintain a dungeon or play space, purchase equipment, clothing specific to a fetish perhaps, furniture, gas, electric, water etc etc..wheras a hooker can just get in a car or any room.

I don't have a problem with ProDomme accounts, they're clearly marked as such and the genuine aren't pushing themselves on anyone, it's the scammers like Kaz ran into that are the problem.

As for hijacking, the scammers are thieves, the same ones you'll find on eBay flogging an empty box and passing it off as the real deal, or sending you spam email with a link to phish your details.

 The fakes and flakes are the ones, in my opinion anyway, attempting to hijack bdsm scene for gain, mostly male and mostly after a quick this or that and think BDSM is an easy way to get it..especially the predators, and that's a lot scarier than a lighter bank balance, or feeling a bit foolish.


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1) whether it is or isn't prostitution - so what?  if you've got a problem with sex workers then please make sure you never watch porn.  Don't visit any dungeons either, as most are owned by pros or rely on their trade.  And I wouldn't go to any kink events either as many involve organisation from people who do or have worked as a Pro.

2) if you don't want to do something - don't do it.

3) OK, so being contacted by a lady only to find out she has a financial interest, that can be disappointing.  But, how does it differ to if YOU contact a woman and she isn't interested?  You have sent over 600 messages in about a week and received only around 300 back, so this suggests that you have been contacting women who aren't interested.

4) Obviously I feel for anyone who has ever been scammed.  

5) On this site, those with a financial interest have to be clearly marked.  Those without this, who try to sell stuff or do services get their accounts removed and fairly swiftly in my experience.  Job done, no problem.

6) there's no hijacking the scene for financial gain - other than the fact pro domme has hundreds, if not thousands, of years of history (sex work has  evidence of existing 5000 years ago) 

7) mind, there's plenty of guys come to the BDSM scene expecting easy sex or easy play and that's far more exploitative.

8) those who try to offer pro services but don't really have experience tend not to last very long.

9) there has seemingly been a bit of a rise, on pretty much every kink site, of those with a financial interest.  There has been media attention particularly in the US and there's a lot of young people facing lots of debt problems - be it the cost of tuition, low paid work vs high housing - possibly unable to get a job while studying because work places either need them to be more permanent/flexible or take the piss with zero hour contracts - so - you almost can't blame some for taking an interest.  But, tying in with point 8 - a lot disappear when they find it is actually a lot of work for low/no gauraunteed gains

10) it's interesting as a society how badly we sexualise women their entire lives - and then as soon as someone decides to monetise their sexuality there's a problem all of a sudden.  

and you know...

Financial Domination doesn't interest me.

There is a lot of different ways how it works and how it doesn't : and so imagine this - handing over your wages to someone, they make sure your bills are covered so there's only your food and entertainment budget left.  They give you a daily or weekly allowance if it's low then you might need to live off cheap meals or not go out - if it's high maybe you can : maybe they keep what they don't give you back, maybe they put it into a savings for you, whatever - if you don't understand how this is Domination... this is basically controlling someone's budget and diet.

One of the other things I often feel, a lot of the guys who scream loudest about their complaints on financial domination, they're usually long term single.  Or don't have what they're looking for.. the the thing is it just screams across the internet that you're tight.  I mean, although it's difficult to keep up, if you find a partner then the feeling of spoiling them, treating them, making an effort shows you're interested - it's why you go to a nice restaurant on the first date or buy gifts just because.

If you buy your wife a gift just because she is your wife, how is that different to buying a gift for your Mistress?  Maybe we're all really "prostitutes" ?

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