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Findom and paypigs


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Anyone ever dabbled in or had or been a paypig? What’s your thoughts and how was it for you?


Just as a preemptive note.

Please stick to the topic - have you had one, or been one 

This is not the place to shame those who enjoy it.  But, also, this should not be used to contact users to ask for or offer *** as that is against the site rules.


My personal thoughts are it lessens our BDSM/FETISH identity on the whole. Though if people with too much *** get their kicks by being told how to spend it I'm cool, although the supposed mes seem to be young women using it as a cover to beg basically. More foolish indeed, in this day and age, to give a complete stranger free reign over your banking arrangements. If a pro domme wants or expects gifts for services rendered it's a very different ball game.


Used to chat to someone who got a sexual thrill out of being given ***...

He was upfront about it. I still don't really "get" it but some people don't get why I get a sexual kick out of impact play.


Being a paypig isn't the same as paying a pro Domme.

2 minutes ago, BlushingFlush said:

It's not a fetish, it's prostitution where you don't get sex - no rocks to get off, so to speak. If you're gonna pay a woman, I don't see why you don't just make the effort to go Holland. Or if even if it's just a date escort - they at least offer time & conversation rather than insult your intelligence and self-esteem. Or see a pro-Domme, maybe.


I secretly love that some guys waste their time making them think they'll pay them for their services, it's hilarious.

It IS  a fetish. Just one you don't understand.


If I get a thrill, or I orgasm, when someone pays me *** and someone agrees to. Why not?

As I said, not my kink but it IS  kink.

The guy I chatted to... we had no sexual contact with this. It was literally I'd send him ***, he'd get off on it. I enjoyed the power.... tbf, I'd not do it again but that doesn't make it wrong, or not a fetish.


Not really my kink - but one that's generally wildly misunderstood.

By subs, Dominants and critics alike.

 Imagine you're in a bar - you see a lady you like - you offer to her a drink.  She says yes.  She talks with you for the length of time it takes her to finish the drink - it's then clear to either her another or end the conversation.   That's pretty much .   And, at the end of the night - she's not obliged to give you her number or go home with you or see you ever again.

A lot of the people into different forms of - a lot simply have the disposable income.  Some it might be big *** and can literally afford to meet someone at a point, hand them £200 and be spat at while she walks off - and some are into that, especially if their wealth or status or something makes that something that goes against what they do.   Some might be at the end of the month and have £10-£20 in their account and know there's someone online they can '' and have a little chat in return.

But, I dunno. I say it's not for me.  A Lady I like - her lease is up and the landlord wouldn't renew her tenancy so she had to move at short notice in the middle of a pandemic.  Whilst also being unable to afford time off work - so working full days then coming home to try and pack and stuff.

Me, knowing she forgets to eat sometimes when busy/stressed sent her a Just Eat voucher because it meant if it got to silly o'clock and all her pans and stuff were packed she could still eat.  Whilst she didn't have to, she made sure to catch up with me when she had a little free time in the middle of it all - appreciative that I'd thought of her and what she needed.  

For me, I didn't sit and wank off at the thought of ing someone take out - but it's something that will, in itself, come to fruit as part of a long term friendship... and... well... whatever else might happen once we can meet up.

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The way I see it nowadays is women using men just because.
It is perhaps a fetish for some but it is better done within context and small amounts.
We can easily find a lot of so called mistresses who have nothing to do or know about BDSM and just in it for collecting ***.


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I've been a and it's no different from being a Femdom. It gets a bad wrap because some think that it's taking advantage of the sub. It's a fetish and the plays into it, just like any other Dom. Sure some people use ming as just a way to get *** and they do sorta sour the kink for everyone but they aren't the majority. It's a real kink. My paypigs were real subs to me, their kinks and services just included giving me some of their ***. Not everyone will be into it but that's kink. Calling out the people who fake domination just for *** is ok but talking down on the fetish as a whole is ignorant .


It's not my fetish, but I respect others fetishes. However, I was  tricked few times into that by on-line femdoms, claiming it was a test for me for being genuine. Of course I never heard from them again since.

For me, it's a big bad sign for on-line connections and I usually reject any attempt for that kind of offers.

In real life it's different, after establishing a relationship when you really know who is the person you are involved with, it can be really exciting.

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