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Never been to a torture garden event and want to go but have not got a clue what to wear. Don't want to go all out as wouldn't feel comfortable so could do with some gentle advice 


Wear like a leatherette shirt or pants, even black pants - that might work, just make sure to check the dress code first

There is always a theme for the different gigs, which may help a bit, stick to what u comfortable in & cool as can b hot in there, look at the previous gig photos for a better idea on the website TG is a event to dress up for! It’s brilliant!..

the main focus of TG in terms of code is "dress to impress" 

But, there is a slightly lower end on the bar you can get away with - but of course it should never be "get away with" - as suggested above, look through their previous galleries, I think also if you can find the flikr the guy from the Edinburgh event does you can see examples from there.  

If in doubt, you can send pictures of your potential outfit to TG 

If you think this might be a little costly or full on, there are smaller events with more relaxed dress codes - whilst TG is brilliant, it does however benefit from it's fame : other fetish events are available ;) 

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