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kinkiest person today

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so who out there is going to confess to the kinkiest thing today,

I'd start, but I haven't don't much today, apart from pee, .

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Reminded my sub to keep to her challenges this weekend, and to provide proof. Her phone's screen is in for repair, so contact stopped, just for a short break.
New in this world, men women I have played with, have fantacied about kinky stuff but never engagrd

Well so far today I've done nothing particularly kinky - but - there are plans for some play with my wife this weekend

May go sunbathing in my thong later today
mine was slightly strange. also was after a few drinks but for some reason I wanted to see if I could Finnish on my own face and a curious interest in what I tasted like. I do admit was a very random moment 😂😂 and if at all interested I failed

I met a guy nearby for a throat fucking, all he had to do was add me on Kik an show me a pic of his huge fat an meaty cock an promise he was gonna properly abuse me like a worthless cum dumpster gag whore while he face fucked me silly. So I drove to his walked in and didn’t say a word just stripped naked an dropped to my knees an he walked over an shoved his dick in my face. The next 30/40 minutes were just total face destruction in every position possible he didn’t give a fuck about my feelings at all just like I asked and gave me the perfect aggressive dominant mouth drilling ever. I only said a word when he told me to beg him for more an tell him how much I’m loving it as he pulled his cock out an let me breathe, rubbing all my throat slime all over my slut face an calling me a filthy little gagging cunt. After he was finished an he pumped his cum down my neck holding his cock balls deep down it an feeling me choke on his dick as it squirted every last drop into me. When he was drained I pulled my head off slowly, licked it dry and cleaned my mess up, smile up at him an said thank you so much daddy! Then got dressed an left 

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Going to a Peer Rope Event this afternoon and then tomorrow off to a whip workshop.

Hope no one on the bus sees the ropes etc in my bag!