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Brand new urge...

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So I've been very drawn to the idea of a dominant female recently, particularly in the form of toys and/or strap on fun... this has lasted far to long to just be considered a passing fad. where would a man go to get this desires fulfilled? Somewhere or someone that can ease a complete beginner into it?


You can talk to a professional domme, findom or you can enter into a ds relationship with a good domme. Either way be careful that they actually are a proper domme not someone who wont disregard your hgard and soft limits.  


First off - there's no quick and cheap way.

When your primary driver is "fulfil fetish/fantasy" there's two routes.

Route 1.... find someone happy to do it with you - this often takes time.  You might find someone active in your local scene who has an interested in doing things like that - but the obstacle in your way is for them to want to do it with you - so this can often take time to build up trust and being seen as the type of person somebody wants to do things with.

Route 2... often one met with raised eyebrows - but, it gains the desired results.   Find and research a Pro.  Not quite as time consuming as you'd think - there are ladies in your area with huge reputations and a little research can sharp tell you not only who does it but who is passionate about it.  You can explain your situation as a complete beginner with an interest in exploring and be sure that they'll take it at your pace.    This will of course carry a tribute - and some people are against it because "she's not really into it" (without actually meeting the person to know) or whatever.

You can also do a little bit of a mix of the above two.   I think tying in with another thread - whatever you decided to do, don't do nothing.  Don't sit in 5-10 years still not done it.