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C0(k trampling

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Cock crushing is something that has interested me for a very long time. I absolutely love feet and getting down on ground level with a nice mistress to worship her heavenly scented feet is my slice of heaven. 

I think there's something in most men that love to hand over control. 

What's yours thoughts on cock crushing and is this something most subs enjoy if they enjoy feet? 




I would say its more if they enjoy cbt as opposed to just feet. In my experience there are as many if not more male subs who do not like pain to their cocks as do. Those who like both get double the pleasure though so its a win win for them

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I’d say there is a percentage of the male subs who love this. It’s certainly something I adore doing. Everyone’s fetishes have a aspect of personalisation, so many are similar but not always identical.
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there's a lot of potential cross-over that doesn't (necessarily) mean one thing or another.

So as above yes - it may be CBT combined with crushing

Or feet/boots/etc fetish combined with crushing

or just something on it's own.

I'm not really into cock crushing, but then I've not really done it so much and I imagine if I was to do it then I'd prefer it with bare feet as that does tie in with my foot fetish - but my scenario isn't a hard/fast rule

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