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More pleasure from Viewing

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Hi all, i am new here and new to this whole scene. I have found that i get more pleasure from watching a man dominate my wife than doing so myself. Is this weird? I also find myself having very extreme fantasies / desires, and i know these types of fantasies are wrong but as long as i don't act on them i believe i understand the difference between right and wrong. Should i seek help due to extreme fantasies that constantly run through my mind in relation to my wife, or given i understand the difference between right and wrong should i be ok?

I am sorry if this is such a weird question but im trying to find my identity and struggling. 


for the former

this isn't as uncommon as you think.  Whilst I don't enjoy seeing my wife play with others, she does enjoy watching me play with others. but there are many others in many similar situations

on the latter... 

difficult to say, but if you understand what is right and wrong, what is feasible and what is not - and are unlikely to act - I'd dareso trust them inside your head.