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1st Domme experience - My Pleasure

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Sliding the whip back down ur body
Grabbing hols of the Spreader bar. U ready we’re gonna flip

Can I trust you to keep your hands still....

Who cares...we both know im tying them back up........

Tighter this time

I draw your arms together, across your back and using the red bondage tape i wrap your wrists together, around and around i go making sure your hands are tightly bound together.....

But leaving your 4 fingers free..... I may have a need for them.....

Ur now lying face down

Fully naked

balls & cock hanging low below you

I decide I want to hear you groan for the next bit.

But let’s have some fun getting to that

I run my body up over your legs
The feather boa tickling its way upwards

My nipple clamps pressing tight into your flesh, eliciting groans from myself. Imagining its your teeth biting down....hard....on my nipples

My face is close to your buttocks, your low hanging balls need to feel me.

I nip each in turn with my teeth leaving a little bite mark on each
tongue teasing between your crack... I know you hate anal play but I can’t help myself you smell so good.....
Such a good boy
I can feel you trying so hard not to clench your buttocks to keep me from my pleasure
Time for more.....
I slide myself further up your body till I’m straddling your back and with a little wiggle my wet pussy lips are now just lightly resting over your bound hands
I press myself down Fully and you respond in kind by teasing my pussy with your fingers my juices moistening you.

While you are distracted I bend my body forward. My hands sliding under your face and taking hold of the tape over your mouth I swiftly pull it of...You weren’t expecting that freedom

The ***, and more so the loss you are now experiencing of your gag being removed makes your body shiver and your fingers work my clit faster..... I know you are trying to please me so I will put it back on

Maybe later.... I Want to hear you beg soon.... and if its not good enough or you get to loud and distract me I might gag you again...only this time it will be tighter

enough play time

time for more ***.....

i pull myself up so you can no longer reach my pussy and let my juices drip onto your fingers letting you know how much you please me
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