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I recently learned that primal (Hunter) is my type. Never heard of the term until 2 nights ago, but it accurately describes me. I've done sone research on Google and I've perused the forum here. I want to learn as much as I can about this and I figured posting here and getting first hand accounts from other primals would be my best option. Any ettiquette I need to know when dealing with other primals, whether they're hunters or prey? My husband is quite dominant and with me being a primal Hunter, I fight for that dominance. What can we do to balance things out? Thank you!


What about inviting a 3rd party (or more) into the mix, a sub for you both to play with.

or if you’d rather keep it as just you 2 then why don’t you take it in turns/Switch with each of you bringing new ideas into play


Thank you BigPolly. I appreciate the suggestion!

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