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Any advice?

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I am fairly new to this scene but recently have acquired an older male dom who has given me the task of finding a female up for playing with us. Any ideas how I can go about this? I seem to be useless at it :( 

Hi confirm with your dom exactly what looking for. Then create a personal ad outlining the specifics and as much detail to help those considering responding. Hope you find a playmate
I may be way off mark here but if you're so new to the scene and you've only 'recently acquired' a dom, would it be safe to assume that He's interested in a poly relationship over a D/s dynamic... is this something you're open to? I'm merely curious because opportunists do exist and I'd hate to think that He was abusing His 'Dominant' status... usually talks like this would only ever happen once limits and foundations have been firmly discussed and attuned to. But like I said, I may be wrong and I apologise if that's the case.
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Bi women open to casual play are considered unicorns because they're hard to find, they're also in high demand because most guys tend to have this fantasy.

You'll find them on hook up sites though if looking.


flag alert.

this is a fairly common trick - send the lady sub to find another lady sub under the pretence it'll be easier for her.  

Perhaps he should try blossoming a relationship with you before trying to play out his 3 some fantasy.

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I agree.  If this relationship is new it seems to me that his focus should be on cultivating this relationship before looking for more company.

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