The house was quiet for the night. I'd done my duties, fondly, (I love being an au pair, live in position for now)& I was looking forward to a long hot shower, I asked Mr W if he wanted anything. He said no, that he'd just enjoy the peace and quiet while his wife was at work. (He'd explained to me once something about a Polly before and that they were basically swingers or some shit. I guessed Polly was the extra gf, weird set up, but i wasthere to work) He asked what I planned now the kids were down. "A hot shower first Sir. Its cold!"
"It's warm in our room, use the en suite shower."
I felt like it would be rude to decline, so i said thank you, nodded and went to get my washbag and pyjamas. I was loving it, one of those rain power showers ive tried but once! I must have been in there 20 minutes when i heard a drawer bring opened in their room. I froze. Sir obviously thought i was done. OK get dried and dressed fuckin quickly !! Oh sh.....I forgot towels. I darent ask him, he might think im trying something. Ah fuck ill just meed to put the pyjamas on. How embarrassing i think silently. Just then the curtain is briskly yanked aside. I jump back in surprise and then gasp as my back slams against the cold tiles the shock of both make my knees give way. Im tryong to cover my fsce do i camt stand incase I slip "Im sorry im not out yet Mr Wi..." Hes lioking at me very intensely. He looks almost angry. He firmly clasps the hair at the top of my head, unzips himself and says "Open up ", pulling my bottom lip with his thumb. I cover my eyes again but he pulls my hair more tightly and repeats his instructions. Dammed if I do...he slides his leaking dick across my lips and begins prising my mouth open with his thumb and pressing his cock between my lips.. "Look at me little girl" he says. No way. Nooo wasaaay. He gives a disappointed sigh and puts his cock back and zips up. He then grabs my hair again and lifts me to him.He lightly brushes a nipple with his thumb. He then half cups the other and kisses it. He then gives another sigh, 1 I couldn't quite discern ,and leaves the washroom.
"Sir may I have a towel ,well 2, please, I forgot..."
"Imbecile." He chides. 2mins later a lilac towel and a white 1 are thrown at me. Again he leaves.
Wow. Wtf just happened? I squeeze my hair with the lilac towel ,it's smaller,and wrap it up. The white towels this big fluffy white 1 I love it, luxury. I realize my pyjamas got wet during..whatever the f just happened, so I keep the towel round me and take my folded clothes off the floor. I find myself tip toeing barefoot past the solid mahogany mirrored bureau. It's such a pretty wood, like tiger's towels are stripped off from the back and I drop my clothes in fright. I assume I've caught them both somehow in the doorway but then I'm slammed cheek down onto the bureau by him twisting my arms up my back.The finished wood is so smooth but quite cold I notice. Compared to the warm rough crotch that was rubbing in a circular motion on my bare cheeks.
"Don't move." He commands quietly but very firmly. I can see in the mirror he's pulled a black tie out of his drawer. He spun me round and tied my wrists infront of me. It was like an out of body experience..until it was very much in body experience as he hooked the tie on the wall in the middle above the mirror (is that what that's for jeeze how the other half love I thought sarcastically, attempting to dissociate)He went back into the drawer amd pulled out some lube which he rubbed over my clit, pussy and ass. I flinched when he put it on my ass. Heart started racing. Then he unceremoniously grabbed the sides of my hips and rammed himself in me. Ouch. He paused, inhaling my hair, and began slowly penetrating me over the bureau. Not a word. He took his hands from my hips and began fondling my tits. My tits look pathetic when I'm slim. I was mortified at anyone seeing them. He began rolling my nipples between his thumbs & index fingers. Silence. God that feels so good I wanna reverse into his pelvis to the base oh lord that's terrible of me - disavow!I shout in my mind. He takes one hand off 1 tit and after tilting my face to the mirror he starts playing with my clit. He's still slowly fucking me, his hand alternates between nipples, he's circling my clit and pussy with his cock simultaneously as he girates slowly round and up,round and down, round and up, down and out , forcefully back in, round and up, hes driving my nipples crazy and even my clit feels good with his touch fffffuuuuck i love it. I let out a moan & he puts 2 fingers in my mouth. He redirects my face back to the mirror and tells me to suck them while looking at him. I sucked them, but I couldn't look at him. "Dyou want them in your ass?"
"No Sir"
"Suck then girl, and, he says through gritted teeth redirecting my head towards the mirror again. I suck his fingers slowly,gently,then more firmly as I look him in the eyes.
He removes his hands, forces me into position and he starts fucking me furiously, moving his hands from my my waist to locking my pelvic bones with his vice like grip. He rams himself inside me again and again ,every few mins he slaps my ass hard.He pulls out, opens a new drawer and I see a belt which he folds in half and whips me repeatedly. My cheeks feel red raw. I'm wriggling and squealing. He keeps correcting my hips back into position ,then belting me again.
He then corrects them to a tilt, and fucks me mercilessly i lose my balance several times .
He exhales. He grabs the back of my hair and says softly in my ear "It's OK to want every inch of Daddy in your sweet little pussy. " and with that he rams himself inside me, its bruised now its painful with each thrust. After a couple of minutes he turns my face back toward the mirror. He puts 2fingers down my throat so far I wretch several times. I can see him smiling at this. He fucks me so hard while telling Mr he's not gonna take his fingers out till I look at him in the mirror and keep looking, so I try. But he just pounds me while making me gag and wretch. He puts both hands back on my pelvis and smashes himself against me , seems like he's gonna cum soon..just then he pulls out, unhooks my arms from the wall and forces me to my knees. "Look at me," he says, "Open your mouth " hes jerking off in my face. "Take it. Take it all baby swallow allll Daddy's cum - good girl.." &he pats my cheek. "Daddy's new little Fuck Toy...

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He insisted we should meet his friends before we had our own quality time, because they'd "be back in Austria within days. I kinda hate meeting new folk, is it an introvert thing?
He'd bought my entire outfit.I mean down to the earrings and lingerie. I'd only been bought some clothes previously by my manager when i was 16.
I had on some magenta lace trim thongs with a little bow at the front and back. The gusset was silky on the outside. The bra cups were half silky then laced towards the cleavage, with a little silk bow to match the thongs. It was a fun colour I'd never have chosen for myself. The dress was simple; a solid black cap sleeved A line skater. The skirt was short, I'd have to be very delicate bending, I had black strapped satin stilletos on, he'd bought me the nail polish the colour of the lingerie. The guy was more thorough than me about his colour coordination preferences.

When we left the restaurant his sister's fiancée said "Women's in the back" so I got in the backseat. We'd barely driven a minute before his sister opened her palm and announced she'd heard I liked sedatives. There were 2 small blue rhombus shaped pills. From the drivers seat I was told, "Go on baby girl let yourself relax.." while my knee was quickly squeezed twice as encouragement. He was looking at me in the mirror. He seemed calm&sincere, and Rhia was just smiling at me -palm out -offering a small bottle of water. I took a breath and scooped the pills up. Mosa piped up from the passenger seat taking a swig of a beer, "I take 1 too, just 1 as I'm drinking, you enjoy you don't drink." Blue is my favourite..I took them. "Thank you Rhia, appreciated" I told her ,sitting back.
"You're so welcome my darling", she replied, as she took my cheeks in her hands and kissed me hard, complete with 'MWOAH!' then patting my thigh. Within minutes I could feel this soothing gravitational wave wash down me. I glanced up to notice a beautiful, golden, crescent moon. I gazed at it a while, till I realised, Rhia's hand was not only still on my thigh, she was gently massaging it. She gently dragged her nails from my knee to halfway up my thighs and started massaging it further up,this time pushing my already short skirt up..
We're at some traffic lights. In my peripheral I catch him checking on me. "Daaadddyy.." (oh fffff..I've never called him that in public!) He just laughed and said, "What is it baby girl?"
"Your sister's touching my leg in a weird way." I said; in what felt like slow motion, was I slurring? "Mhmm" he replied, non chalantly. He's too busy to converse while he's driving, I resolve.
Rhia's hand moves again. She's trying to pull my panties aside wtf is going on?
"Daaadddy" I say again. "She's trying to touch me!" Did I say that loudly? Did I say it at all? I must not have. I quickly try to clasp my left hand over my pubic bone, but she's already there and won't budge her hand. "Get off me ***!" I say, then hear, "Fck did you call me?", while receiving a backhanded fist which slams my top lip against my front teeth. She begins stripping her jeans off as the car pulls into a lay-by, she removes her panties and shoves them in her bra and puts her jeans back on. She goes back to my thighs. "Open your legs slut " she demands.
"I'll have to pass." I say, just as the door beside me opens and my hairs grabbed, he puts his fingers in my mouth. "Baby what day is it?"
"Balentinth"i say through his fingers.
"Yeah baby so just go with it and let Daddy enjoy his night too. Then he holds my nose closed. I gasp for air and Rhia smashes her panties from her lap into my mouth. "I'm not his sister you dumb bitch." she chides. "And you -lil chicken - are mine."
"Lean forward for Daddy" He takes off his tie and binds my wrists behind me. "Now move over, and behave." Rhia moves to the window seat and I wriggle over to the middle. Mosa gets out and comes to sit on my right side.
Rhia tells me to put one leg on either side. "Do it" Mosa commands more so physically by lifting my right leg under the knee and holding it. Rhia massages between my legs. I wriggle but there's nowhere to go. Mosa uses his other hand to pin my neck back as Rhia's fingers prod and poke, she sucks her fingers and slides her hand back up as Mosa holds my right leg with his left arm and puts more pressure on my throat with his right. As she plays with me she keeps nipping my skin and as she puts fingers inside me because she's wearing long nails and I'm not horny. Idk what's dryer rn; my cunt or my mouth with Rhia's panties semi suffocating me.
Mosa asks me if I'm going to be a good girl. I nod, in his hand. He puts my heel on the seat ,spits on his fingers and starts circling my clit as Rhia fingers me. It actually feels alright until Mosa let's go of my leg and takes his phone out to start filming. I try to say no and look away from the camera. Rhia pulls me back by the hair as she's just fingering me. She whispers in my ear "I have some toys for that tight little pussy, have you ever cum for a woman before?" She asked the latter more loudly. "No, actually I've only cum for a man once too." I reply, somewhat ashamed.
"You're gonna cum for me, here in the back seat" says Rhia, "Or we'll pull over again and you'll be fucked over the bonnet on camera. Have you ever been pegged? " I shake my head. "If you displease me I won't be gentle with you -Do you understand?" She asks. I nod. We hit more traffic lights. A familiar voice says "Look at Daddy", I can't. I'm awkwardly positioned, with a woman I only just met tonight's panties and fingers in me, and her partners filming it happening.
"You're being rude to Daddy's guests. Now you're going to need correction. I'm sure Rhia won't mind you across her lap, spanking your little ass raw while you take Daddy in your mouth. If you're a very good girl there's a surpise for you. Now let's go home and see how good you can be baby girl. You're gonna look so beautiful on film. Rhia's desperate to spank you now aren't you Rhia?" He asks.
"I'm going to make her my little pet." She replies. As the car pulled into our driveway I guessed I'd find out soon what that meant...

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In Los Alamos, NM anyway, not much to do here besides hike (I don't know how to ski). Looking for friends and possibly more, preferably with people of a kinky persuasion.

I'm a goofball with ADHD and the arrogance to believe that I can do anything. This mostly means I have lots of goals, but jump around a bit. I'll probably come off strong, but if you give me time, I'll still probably come off strong.
My high energy often extends into ALL aspects of my life. Can I sit still? Unsure.

I've had and trained subs before, and taught classes on spanking, flogging, aftercare, DaddyDom/Babygirl dynamics, back in San Antonio/Austin TX. But I've been out of the NM scene entirely. Looking to change that!

I'm mostly looking for some companionship, someone to go outside with, have some new conversations with, or show me something unique. flirty friends welcome! Maybe we hang out at a munch or dungeon party sometime?

I'm looking for a partner who shares a passion for life, intellect to be curious, and the drive to constantly want better. I won't settle to be content in this world, id prefer to make it better, and I hope you do too.

A good date idea? Chat for a bit, get a vibe check and then: maybe head home and watch some anime on a couch with my hands in your hair? Practice some rope binding in front of a fire? Play some DND or board games? Go to a dungeon party and we show one another off in front of others?

Or hey, I have 3d printers and a full woodshop. I'd love to help people express their creativity.

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