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It's SO hard... .


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It’s SO hard… .

This old planet has made another revolution and another candle is on the birthday cake for me. 

I get home from my birthday trip and make the rounds with my friends and to catch up on their 4th of July weekend stories. A few post celebratory drinks later I end up at Mike’s house.

Now Mike was the first person to welcome me to the neighborhood and I was as much as a part of his family as he was mine.  His wife Kelly was as sweet as they come and quite easy on the eyes along with their two kids.  Their daughter, Taylor was a tomboy and a bit of a trouble-maker if I ever saw one and I had watched her grow up over the years into a bright young women.  She just finished her first year of college and seemed to be setting the world on fire.  That being said…there was a change I noticed in her.  She seemed to be acting a little younger that normal.

Let me set the stage, we were very close and I was the first person she called when she got drunk for the first time so she would have a safe ride home.  I was the one she talked to about the tough stuff and even the good stuff.  Looking back I would say we had a very close bond and we would always hug and I would give her a kiss on the cheek as any good friend would do.  She would sit in my lap or on my knee and really no big deal.

College has always been a time for change and exploration and when she came back and I noticed she was acting a little different, I just thought it was part of the experience.  She seemed a bit more clingy to me, but I thought that was here being grateful for a good friendship.  She was still a bit of a trouble-maker…no..not robbing a bank or stealing the car, but just a bit snarky and would sneak a bit or two of your dessert.  This evening I was eating a cookie and she just leaned over and bit off the other end and laughed.  She has such a sweet devilish laugh.  I gave her the look and she sheepishly looked away…but before she did…she bit her lip…did she really do that???  No, I am sure she was just getting a crumb or something off her lips.  As usual I goosed her sides as payback and the evening continued.

I had the next day off, so I wasn’t worried about a few more drinks and we continued tell stories of our college days (tried to keep them pretty clean) and Taylor shared the usual trials and tribulations of being a Freshman.  Throughout the night I noticed that Taylor was staring at me even when I wasn’t sharing my college adventures.  She was also kind of snuggled up against me and her little dress kept riding up and the top was not staying put.  Let be honest, this wasn’t the first time I saw a flash of panties or a little skin…that just happens when you are around people that much.  You file it away as a Whoa! moment and try to look away faster next time. 

Taylor still had some baby fat, she wasn’t chubby, but had a nice little shake when she walked and when she flossed, everything seemed to move just right.  And yes, I looked away when it became a little to weird.  This night I probably saw more than I should have, but I was a bit drunk so my look-away reaction was just slower….was it?  She also was calling me her other daddy…that was new.  She said I always looked out for her (which I did), but was a little weird being call daddy. 

The night went on and my vision was a little bit fussy and I noticed my hand was on something soft and skin…and…why is my hand on Taylor’s bottom under her skirt?  Taylor was just talking away to her parents and from this angle no one could see.  I tried to move my hand away, but she kept shifting her body to keep it in place.  What the hell??   I quickly excused myself to go to the bathroom.  Did I do that, did SHE do that????  I need to get out of here before something happens.  It was a very nice ass though and those cute panties that she use to wear was now a thong…okay..stop…Okay..thinking about something else.

I told Mike and Kelly that I was going to go back home and thanks for the great evening and drinks.  They said I should stay and Taylor agreed.?.?  I said I was just going to walk home and it would just be easier so I wasn’t in the way in the morning.  I gave them both hugs and a kiss on Kelly’s cheek…a little too close to the lips…man her body felt great against mine…okay…Yes you are now drunk and not thinking straight…go home.  I gave Taylor a hug and kiss on the cheek…but this time she turned and it was more on the lips.  I shook it off and told her goodnight and she said the same…but really softly after she added daddy.  I was out the door!

Just as I was about to close the door, I heard Taylor say, “Wait a minute, I will drive you home…I have to go to the store to pick up a few things.”  I tried to pretend I didn’t hear anything…but she ran out grabbed my hand and said hold on.  She ran back inside and grabbed her glasses, not the glasses…I love her glasses.  I get in her car and kind of pretend to be resting and she is driving me home and just talking away.  I told her thank you and that she should get to the store before it gets too late and to text me when she is home so I know she is safe.  She tells me that the reason she is going to go to the store is for me…I say why.  She tells me she is going to make me a belated birthday cake.  I tell her there is no reason to and to save her ***.  Taylor tells me that she is going to do it so just shut up!  I goose her again and joking tell her you don’t talk to you daddy that way.  She sits up tall and says, “Yes Sir!”.  I tell her okay silly I need to get to bed and thanks again.  She then asks if I have any cake mix…I tell her no, I am a chef and I just make it from scratch.  She asks for the recipe and I tell her I will text it to her tomorrow and she says, I need to get the ingredients tonight.  I cave and tell her she can borrow one of my books and go from there. 

We get inside and I stumble a bit in the door and Taylor laughs.  “You okay daddy”, she says.  I say funny and start looking for the book.  After a moment or two I find it, but Taylor is no where to be found.  I call out for her and she is in the kitchen.  “Can I borrow some coconut oil”, she says, I say sure and send her on her way.

I go to the bathroom and do the whole movie sceen with my hands on the sink looking in the mirror talking to myself.  That was close..what was close??  Seemed like something was going to happen…what do you mean?  You are imagining things and you are just drunk and horny…get your shit together.  Note to self, need a girlfriend fast…lol. 

I leave the bathroom and I hear, “OoOOo, Daddy’s been working out.”  Taylor what are you doing?  I though you left…she said I did, but I know where you extra key is (Great!  Now I need to hide that somewhere else).  “What are you doing on my bed?”, I say.  “It is more comfortable than mine.”, Taylor responds.  Okay, you need to get going…this is weird.  “You were the one with their hand on my little ass.”, she responds.  Well I didn’t put it there.  “I know.” she says, but that what made it so fun.  Not thinking, I say, “You are so bad!”.  “Only for you Daddy!”, she responds.  Okay, you really need to go.  “Daddy, you will have to make me.” she says as she bites her lip.  Okay, I go over to the bed and pick her up and take her to the door.  “You forgot my keys…they are by the bed”, she says.  I go back and get them and then she forgot something else over and over again.  I finally set her down and sit on the bed.  I am too tired for these games.  I need to get to sleep.  She says, “Go ahead, I am not stopping you.”  I crawl under the covers and roll over. 

I must have fallen asleep and the next thing I feel is someone sitting on me.  I look up and Taylor is on top of me with her little dress still on.  The straps are slowly falling down her arms and the only thing that keeps the top on is the very edge of the lace trim d***d across her hard little nipples.  “Do you like them”, she says?  She gives a little shake and her top falls off.  Her breasts are perfect, perky, and full…she leans in and lets her nipples slowly glaze over my face.  She smiles that devilish grin at me and runs her hands slowly down my chest.  I grab them before she gets too low to stop her and she leans over and puts her breast in my face.  I move my hands to gently push her away and her hand reaches down and slides her hand over me.  She then pulls me up closer to her as she is slowly starting to slide up and down and I hear a slow…almost purr..and she says, “Yes, daddy.” ever so softly. 

“Taylor, come on”, I say.  We can’t do this… .  “It’s okay, you are not my really daddy…”, she moans.  “Your parents are my best friends…”, I say.  Before I can say another word, she locks lips with me.  I so don’t want to do this as I tense up.  Her mouth is so soft and feels so good, I grab her by the back of her ponytail with one hand and the other on her tight little ass and pull her closer to me.  She gasps with pleasure as she wants more.  I help guide her gliding up and down my shaft…that feels so good.  My cock finds its way out of my boxers and now I can feel every fold as she glides up and down.  Her panties are so wet and just fuels the desire. 

By now I have learned all of her hot spots as I found out she likes to have her nipples bitten and then sucked on hard and if my right hand “accidentally” lets a finger caress her little back-side she goes wild as she rides me, pressing so hard.  Pretty soon she had pulled her panties aside and her kitty lips are around my shaft sliding up and down.  With every movement my head is getting closer to going inside her at one point I gasp as I though I was going all the way in and had to stop.  Oh! She feels so good I don’t want it to stop.  I look at her deep and tell her, “We can’t.”  She seems to relent a bit but we are pushing every limit.  I can feel my cock throbbing as she is leaning back and moaning.

All of a sudden she stops dead in her tracks and looks into my eyes.  “Daddy, I need you to Fuck me or make me cum!  I can’t take it any longer.” she moans.  I flip her around so she is on top of me.  For the first time I can really see her little blue thong, so wet that it is see through.  I pull her close to my face gentle teasing her with my tongue on every spot but the one she really wants.  I feel her lips wrap abound my shaft…I let out a slight moan…I want nothing more to slowly feed her every inch and not stop.  I tell her, “No, it is your turn sweetheart.”  “Thank you daddy.”, she says while she takes it deep a couple of times and slowly kisses the head.  I pull her panties off and start to get closer to what she wants.  Deeper and deeper I go as reach the base and slowly let my tongue split her lips and what starts as a soft moan goes to a loud plea of more.  Deeper and deeper I go as my tongue explores every nook not wanting to get her off to soon but wanting her to enjoy the ride.  I found every spot that drove her crazy and a few unexpected ones that make her screen louder.  My fingers joined in on the action taking care to give those special spots extra attention.  My lips were swollen, but sucking on her lips and clit gave her so much pleasure, I couldn’t stop.  I turned her over and wrapped my lips around her clit and two fingers were inside at putting pressure on the top in just the right spot.  Her body was shaking and her moans were louder as she exploded all over my face.  I could have stayed there for hours… . 

She looked at me and said, “Oh, you poor face daddy.”  As she leaned over and licked up every drop.  “Was I a good girl?”, she looked at me and asked as she laid her body against me.  There was so much more I wanted to do and needed to do, but I am glad we stopped before things got every more carried away.  “Yes, yes you were a perfect little girl!”, I told her and then kissed her.

Time seemed to stand still for a long time and then just as nothing happened, we said our goodbyes…although the kissing lingered and she got in her car and left. 

I went back and laid down and tried to think of the amazing night and push the guilt aside.  As I was drifting off to sleep, I got a text.  It was Taylor and she said, I picked up the cake supplies and there was a picture if a grocery bag and then a tub of frosting and sprinkles out of the bag that Taylor was holding.  I told her thank you and that I wasn’t that big of a sprinkle fan…but she responded.  You will be!!!….. .

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