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Tgirl or not? 


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I have a genetic anomaly making me have more female hormones than male, i have breasts although only small they are there and visible. Until 2years ago i new nothing although i kind of new something wasn't right. I always wanted when I was young to be a girl but hid away. Now I have to have testosterone injections for the rest of my life. The more i have the injections the more i want to be girly. Although im not bothered by labels I'm still intrigued as to what i would label myself. Becoming a full time girl is out of the question and coming out the closet has been the best thing ive done. Question is what am i?


Bro be honest you have to be how you want to be so be yourself that's my advice 


You are a wonderful, unique human being! I have no idea what you might be labelled but you should be yourself and celebrate you're uniqueness.  :)

i would say that labels aren't important but if you choose to have one make sure its what you're comfortable with. you don't even have to be anything if you dont want to. Just tell people you're non conforming. just be you :)

Hi...I chatted to Princess tonight about how I feel  and came to a conclusion that no matter how difficult it is...I have to be comfortable with my self and happy with my decision. What is ironic....is that the advice I gave in a previous post, I am now faced with the same problem that I advised on! it is really hard...I have struggled with making the right choice and found myself making excuses to delay a decision that deep down I knew was what I wanted.

.If any one has read my profile and re worked Ad...then you will know where I am coming from. As mentioned in the anonymous post...I have totally sympathy. But I am in a situation where The only person I have to please is myself, I am not restricted in my choice of how I want to lead my life.Having to take on board ones own advice to other members because one finds oneself in similar situation, is where I m now.To apply ones advice to oneself...is a really difficult thing to do.

I have very high natural levels of Female Hormones,No medical reason,.in the beginning..hormone level tests every 2 weeks, now every 4 weeks.Levels are 4 times the level of a female the same age as myself. It has affected every aspect of my life, from how I think...to what I love...Softer skin...Softer and more shiny hair...more sensitive to touch...virtually no body hair...etc. I  have very prominent boobs...C Cup..very sensitive...and nipples which are incredibly sensitive.

I always wanted to be born as a girl and grow up as a woman...but this is not what I expected to have to cope with.I have no choice but to live with what I am going through. Whether anonymous is lucky in having testosterone injections, I don't know,I do not have that option. There is un trialed medication available but very risky and serious side effects. I never thought I would have to take on board advice that I gave out but now I have to.

It was something Princess said to me in a message...that has opened an avenue. Be true to yourself...other wise you will regret every day that passes by..! I do not intend to let that happen. Every one has a Female and Male side...it is part of who we are...How one ends up...depends purely on hormone Levels. If one has normal levels of male hormones then the male side of the brain becomes more dominant and the Female side stays dormant. When hormone levels change...then it becomes  a battle as to which hormones are more prevalent and stronger. If they are fairly equally balanced....that is when problems start...both on a physical and mental level..!....One ends up confused not knowing or even understanding why one is feeling the way one is.

In my case...Female hormone levels are much stronger...it is up to me to give in to my leanings and accept the way I feel..!...is it easy...like hell it is..!...How I would label myself...no idea....I hope this honest reply will help anyone who is going through the same thing....Hormones are so powerful in determining how we are born  or who we become..!..


An embarrassing admittance and continuation ...I really understand when women say their breasts hurt...or feel sore ...or the awkwardness in running for a bus etc...I understand how the weather...whether it is hot or cold...affects the sensitivity of breasts and nipples.,...I have had to put aside all the shirts I have...because they irritate and excite my nipples...All I can can wear are blouses which are made a softer fabric...which do not excite my nipples..!...What I experience above...has a direct effect on what I experience below...It has got to the stage where wearing a bra is the only option I have to prevent the  stimulation  of having sensitive breasts and nipples..!...I have had comments that I did not know how to take...but ..."   Well you have quite a few options if you are feeling Lonely.."....I can sympathise with women...and have  a real understanding of what it is like to have female breasts..I even have to check for lumps that could be cancerous..!...And yet ...It is what I always wanted...to feel feminine...I have breasts that I cannot do anything about..!..Excitement is one thing...but when it is constant .....it is a nightmare...My GP said I need to be fitted for a bra...I know I have to...but  to take that step is so , so difficult...It has got to the stage where I am in constant pain from always feeling a need for personal relief..!...So yes...I can ...!totally understand what a female has to cope with...and it is very ...very...difficult...Last thing...I have not been out wearing a bra...but it has and does make me feel very sexy wearing one around my home..!...Like in my earlier posts...Hormones...play havoc  with how one feels...I feel like hibernating...never to come to the surface again..!...Cassie...

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