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Any one into findom fetish and what are your views on findommes?


Personally I don't like the idea behind Findom. I know it is a fetish that many Dominant women and also a fairly high number of sub males enjoy, but the whole idea of Dominating someone to enrich yourself really goes against the grain of why I Dom people and my character and perception of Doming.


For me I like to nurture and build up a submissive, help to improve them, their life and make them as comfortable, happy and fulfilled as I can do. As such I want them to be as financially stable as they can be as financial stability often reduces stress levels, anxiety and oftens helps keep people happier than when they are struggling for ***. So in that way Findom is almost the diametric opposite of how I operate and as such I'm not a fan. I don't dislike the character of anyone who practises Findom or the person if you like, but more the nature of the relationships in Findom and what they represent. I do try my best to give people the benefit of the doubt and being someone who has never tried it one way or the other any opinions I have must be taken with a grain of salt, as you can never really understand a thing until you have experienced it for yourself. For me Findom feels like exploitation and something that is done to exploit submissives for monetary or material gains as opposed to the Dom's who Dominate for the love of Dominating and take pleasure in what they do without the need for any monetary or material gains.  


Another aspect of FIndom is that Findom itself can be so very easily exploited by scammers and bots. I have no doubt that many of my fellow kinksters on the site have had various bot's and scammers claiming to be genuine Findom's demand *** or bank details up front before barely getting to know someone. So that aspect for many of us pushes down our opinion of Findom on the whole as we often see it used more regularly for exploitation and scammers than anything genuine.


Now I'm not saying that Findom itself is right or wrong as there are some who enjoy it from either the Dominating perspective or the submissive perspective and I don't think we can be as black and white as to say it's good, or bad, right or wrong, but it certainly isn't for me and not something I like or have any real respect for.

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