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My sex confession

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A couple months ago I went to the club got really messed up and these 2 masculine fit guys were able to fag me out I had a bf of 3 years and they recorded me. I was the top in our relationship and I just wanted to try it. But these guys were ruthless to me and I love it. The feeling of getting fucked and joking on a massive black cock is hella satisfying. They both wiped ball sweat all over me and RECORDED everything. They even would rip loud ass farts in my face and the whole time I was leaking cum. Well come to find out they sent it to my bf lol don’t regret it tho smelt good


I'm so glad you got satisfied we only live once live for now awesome


Good lord the lies you tell!! To be clear. None of this happened at and your name isn’t sinsity, it’s Pinocchio. Nothing about this poorly written story suggests you knew what was going to happen nor that you were presented any limits or safety measures and also you were not told you were being recorded so alllll of us on here already know you’re creating. If this was the truth - you’ve been assaulted and they’ve made porn too, without consent according to you. Also FAG ME OUT are you serious?! Didn't think fetish would allow that word to get posted - hugely insulting and considering we have a large LGBTQ community on here, I’m disappointed. How the hell do profiles like this manage to slip through the net talking utter rubbish on the news feed constantly?! This site is not that big, I know for certain that one person could do the job of monitoring the content - easily. So sick of idiots like this who drink one too many fosters in their nans front room on a weekend who are sick of wanking themselves into an oblivion and then have these stupid ideas. Don’t even get me started on the comments enabling this behaviour. And if I’m the one who ends up getting reported or reprimanded for this, I am forever done with this site.


In fairness, it's in the Bdsm stories and sex confessions.

It may, or may not, be true. Does it really matter?


You make a lot of assumptions and generalisations and the moderators here do their best.



I BACK SINCITY OR #BACKINSINCITY I can't quite decide which one fits better but I suppose all the grown ups on this website, will understand what they sign up to, on a website called Fetish.com!!


I’m not really that interested in getting deeper than absolutely necessary. It’s Sunday after all, lots of comments etc or defending myself unnecessarily just isn’t my thing. But Pinocchio can get in touch if they like. The assumptions towards the post? Sure, he might not drink fosters at his nans. Assumptions towards Moderators though? Sadly, No. I do this for a living. This is a tiny site - it’s insane to me that so many things slip through the net like this in 2020 when it’s super super easy.
When it’s clearly a story, I don’t think it’s a big deal obviously - it’s fiction! But when it’s blatant lies positioned as reality and I know younger or more *** People read these posts and may not know that safeguarding is an important thing and being randomly recorded is definitely not okay etc - it bothers me and it should bother the moderators too.


William. You signed up 2 months ago. Get back in your lane.


The word fag needs to not be a word ever used on this site by the way. That’s not an opinion - it should be as objective as any other offensive slur.


I think the moderators do their best.

Everything else I agree with. Especially about the safeguarding.

The content and language is a difficult one. Different things offend different people.

Context is important too. "Fag me up" isn't like addressing someone, calling them it. I get why it can be seen as offensive but I didn't see it as being meant offensively. Maybe that doesn't matter.


I'd genuinely like to discuss this with you Sophie as it seems we kinda agree but see it differently. 


Yeah that seems to be the case. Totally open to that x


Cool 😊


The word you find offensive. (I won't use it as i know you find it offensive) I get it, i agree with you that it can be used as an insult, a slur but why is it? Are words like queer offensive? Gay? I ask because i genuinely don't know.

In the context it was used, was it really that offensive as it wasn't used as an insult or am i missing the point?


The content... i get the safeguarding concerns but there are those concerns with a lot of posts.

Moderating vs censorship. I've seen posts worse than this that have been approved. That said, they were removed quickly once reported. Where do you draw the line with content? 


I speak only as a massively passionate LGBTQIA ally so if any other members of the community want to chime in on this - feel free.
Fag was a word used purely a derogatory term towards gay people, it bears no positive definition and is just best avoided.
I’m not entirely sure where it derived from but apart from people in the community who use it as a word of empowerment (by taking the meaning back) then it shouldn’t used. Why? Simply put - there is no meaning to the word without insult or reference to the decades that gays have been pushed down by that exact word and many others. Queer Or being queer is more of a generic term, it is a reference to the culture and lifestyle of the entire LGBTQIA community. It refers not only to one sexuality but any and all that fall under the bracket of ‘not-hetro’. Is also supersedes sexuality but also serves as a term for self expression and the culture it has created for so many years as a direct result of not being welcomed into mainstream society. Examples - queer language, queer fashion, queer art (like drag queens and kings, drag families, and drag balls. These were all means to survive and has now become part of the culture.). I’m sure he didn’t use it offensively on purpose, this is usually a case of ignorance more than it is any type of prejudice but I’d like to know a way to use the word fag without being offensive?..... There isn’t one positive definition or use of the word. It’s also not a verb in the way he was using it, having anal sex does not equate to the use of the word ‘fag’. I agree - there are loads of posts that worry me or concern me or simply irritate me but It’s not for me to draw any line, it’s up to the site who don’t show much consistency and it wasn’t the content of this post that tipped me over the edge today as much as the frequency of new-year members with all the wrong motives who will definitely all be deleted profiles by the end of March.


Thank you 😊

If I've caused any offence, it was/is unintentional. 

I have limited experience with the LGBTQIA community. In fact, if I'm honest I don't even know what all the letters stand for. The whole sexuality/gender thing confuses me. It's alien to me. I've never been around it so I know very little.

That said, even I'm aware things are changing and that's a good thing.

I may not understand but I am interested in hearing about things I know practically nothing of. 



No offence taken at all, thanks for taking the time to ask. And it does show a degree if humanity and decency to admit that and there’s nothing wrong with it. Paris is burning is a fantastic documentary on Netflix, filmed in NYC in the 90s and it explains the drag ball scene. How it started and how they looked after each other among the HIV crisis and a lot of family abandonment. Education is always the first step I suppose. Happy to answer questions if any other come up regarding the topic x

4 hours ago, SophieSub190 said:

Fag was a word used purely a derogatory term towards gay people, it bears no positive definition and is just best avoided. I’m not entirely sure where it derived...

Originally ‘fag’ meant a tiring, monotonous task. The word’s origin dates from the 1500s and simply means ‘to grow weary’. The ‘fag’ system in boys’ boarding schools originated about the same time – a ‘fag' or to ‘fag for’ meant a new pupil at a boys' boarding school taken under the wing of an older student - 'fag-master'. The younger boy - the ‘fag’ - would run errands or perform regular tasks for his ‘fag-master’ - cleaning shoes, maintaining personal sports equipment - sometimes even taking a caning for them, and he would be rewarded with small coins, food treats and protection from bullies. ‘I’m fagging for Jones Major’ or ‘That’s young Matthews, my fag.’  Think ‘Tom Brown’s Schooldays' and ‘Goodbye Mr. Chips’.  There was not anything necessarily sexual in the arrangement and was regarded as a normal rite of adolescent passage in that day and age, as well as attaining a 'rank' in the school social hierarchy, depending on the status, family background, wealth or character of the ‘fag-master’.  I think the term was still in use up until after World War 1, which brought a great many changes to traditional social codes and attitudes to education.

So the term itself is not offensive, but, like many old-fashioned terms, has been made offensive.

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