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Fur mistress fantasy (fur fetish story)


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Total fur coat fetish fantasy experience come true. 

Upfront, my wife and I are fur fetishists which means we enjoy buying, wearing, and having sex in real fur coats. Up until yesterday we'd been toying with the idea of trying a little light fur coat bondage (after all COVID19 has us inside a lot). Some items were ordered this past week. 

We have two fur coat racks in our bedroom. One is a full on industrial clothing rack with more than a dozen full length, full pelt fox fur coats of enormous sizes, colors and thickness. Another has more fur jackets and vests, with a section that holds our many fur accessories. Full fox fur hats, headbands, double sided fox fur thongs, fox fur lined gauntlet mittens that are completely oversized, double sided 6ft long full pelt fox fur stoles with tails, muffs and more. Yes we have a fur coat fetish.

My wife is referred to as "Fur Goddess"  and is my fur mistress and I am "Fur Slave". She started by placing me in a full length mink fur coat inside out. Then another full silver fox fur coat over that. Underneath my feet were a full length raccoon fur coat and a full length rabbit fur coat to stand on (more on this later). She placed a fur bondage mask on me and a full silver fox fur hat. She wore her full length golden island fox coat with double sided thong and matching hat. She laid on the bed and masturbated to fur fetish stories and porn as I watched from across the bedroom, completely ***.  

After orgasming several times, she took to using a mitten to rub my cock with. She commanded me to ruin the furs at my feet and I spurted at least 5-6ft when I came. It just shot everywhere as she jerked me off. Then she left me to hang in position with cum leaking off my well furred cock.  

Tomorrow I am to wear a full length crotchless fishnet body stocking and essentially the same oversized fox furs with mask all over again. Her biggest issue with me is cumming enough for her. I'm taking so many supplements and guzzling water so that I can produce enormous cum loads for her.  

I could tell other fur fetish stories about our fur bondage fantasies if anyone cares.


Another true fur coat fetish session/ fur fetish story


I was commanded to wear a full golden island fox coat with double matching full stole, mask, and full crotchless fishnet body stocking as my fur mistress- Fur Goddess wore an enormous cross fox fur only.  She chose to have me perform double penetration with a series of different dildoes, alternating them out along with my hand and mouth as ordered upon command. My fur Mistress Fur Goddess came rather intensely and demanded to ride my cock to another orgasm when it was revealed that too much numbing lube had been applied to me and she was quite upset.  


As punishment I was then strapped onto the fur bed with my wrists and feet bound as I was splayed across the bed in fur coat bondage. My fur mistress  Fur Goddess then took an enormous gauntlet fur mitten that was made of blue frost fox and lined with sheared beaver; she then covered my face with the double golden island fur stole making breathing a struggle.  She then began to rub and massage my hairless cock with the mitten as this was a shock thinking I was in trouble.  For only a moment then she got off the fur bed and took her whipping crop.  Opening my coat she proceeded to whip my thighs, scrotum, and abdomen without mercy for sometime leaving welts until she was satisfied.  Turned on by the sight of cum, she wished to orgasm again and thusly untied me after a while.  However she ***d me to use just a parceled scrap of rabbit fur to jerk off with leaving a generous eruption of cum all over the black rabbit fur before she ***d me then to clean everything. 


Now we have a fur bench added to the bedroom as well as a full rabbit fur flogger added for more lovely ***.  Hope that some find these true fur fetish stories a turn on. 


True fur fetish story:


Today my fur mistress and Fur Goddess degraded me into being an fur coat fetish object for her to masturbate too.  She placed me in the women's fishnet crotchless body stocking, mask, double sided blue frost stole, full length spotted white fox fur coat, and full black fox fur hat.  She wore an arctic fox stroller, double sided golden island stole underneath, and bunny fur coat bondage mask.

Using her newest dildo she had me model all the furs upon me as she began to rub her clit and pinch her hard nipples on her 38F breasts.  She leaned back into the furs and pillows and made little whimpering bunny sounds as she then commanded me to jerk off for her.  I used the pair of double sided blue frost fur gauntlet mittens that are lined with sheared beaver fur on the inside and began.  Wrapping my fur slave cock and balls with the stole, I exposed the head of my cock and I furred it with the mittens in a fox fur orgy on my loins.  I wrapped up more in the full length spotted white fox coat and alternated rubbing the thick fur collar to my face and then against the fishnet stocking to enhance the pleasure. 

Mt fur mistress, Fur Goddess mewed like a little bunny and exclaimed her love for fur as she came twice.  Wanting a third and powerful fur orgasm, she commanded me to abandon the mittens and cum for her.  Using silicone lube I was ordered to begin jerking myself off and was threatened by  my fur mistress Fur Goddess not to cum on her fur stole or coat lest "there be hell to pay".  She ordered me to cum and I did.  The first burst of whitened cum shot four or five feet, as I was standing.  The second shot from three to four feet.  The third burst of cum perhaps hit a foot and a half.  The subsequent two shots of cum ranged far less as my cock was now pointing upwards instead of out.  At that point subtle stroking elicited more white streams of cum to cascade down my cock and miraculously off her fox furs I was wearing.  Fur Goddess squealed into orgasmic delights and she wrapped her double golden island fox stole around her face and sank further into her arctic fox fur stroller. 

Loved writing this fur fetish story.

The fur flogger should arrive at any time and more fur torturing will begin and more fur fetish stories for you!


Fur fetish story:

Afternoon time with fur mistress  Fur Goddess for fur coat fetish fun.  She wore a crystal fox fur coat mostly nude to start.  She cuffed her Fur Slave into an "X" position between the fur coat fetish racks. In doing so she clothed him in a very large silver fox fur coat, silver fox fur hat, and blue fox fur thong with his cock exposed for fur coat bondage. 

Fur Goddess then laid upon the fur bed and proceeded to use multiple dildoes on herself to tease her ever wetting pussy.  Amused at Fur Slave, she got up and then picked out the solid rabbit fur flogger and began to mercilessly whip his chest, thighs, and of course his hard cock that had poked through the thick blue fox fur thong.  Fur mistress whipped him into amusement before putting on a blue frost fox glove and teased the head of Fur Slave's cock while alternately whipping him.  

Amused, she uncuffed one of Fur Slave's hands and had him use the mitten on himself as she commanded him to rub the tip of his cock with the fur.  She once again retreated to her fur bed and began to use multiple dildoes to double penetrate herself before orgasming at the sight of Fur Slave rubbing his cock for her.  She then began to feel generous and disrobed and uncuffed him.  Soon she laid across a fur clad bench, wearing a black fox fur hat as she pulled up another black fox fur for him to cum upon.  After several minutes, Fur Slave couldn't cum on demand, so Fur Goddess made a change.  She stripped Fur Slave of all fur pleasures but his hat and she then donned a full length mink fur coat.  Using the flogger she then ***d him to lick her wet pussy to orgasm; and any lick that wasn't to her liking, she would then strike his bare back with the flogger.  After cumming twice more, Fur Goddess made Fur Slave change.  He was then placed in a full silver fox fur coat with double sided silver fox fur stole underneath, along with his hat so he was all buttoned up. 

Only then was he cuffed to the fur bed with his hands as she began to treat him with an alternate act of fur hand jobs and blowjobs.  A length blow and hand job was given near the half an hour range before Fur Goddess proceeded to climb between Fur Slave's legs and mouthfuck him to a tasty fur cumming orgasm which she swallowed to the drop. 


As always, more fur experiences to come and fur fetish stories


Fur fetish stories are so hot and I've liked each of yours. You tell a great fur fetish story I love the fur coat bondage one best . You fur mistress sounds so great. Enjoying your fur coat fetish stories. 

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