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Bunny - Part 2


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Second excerpt from book. Previously posted bit was posted yesterday, under “Bunny” - I hope you enjoy! I’ll continue to post more if there seems to be interest. 


I’m stumbling, aching and drunk with frustration as Sir Nick pulls me through the crowd and back to his gaggle of waiting girls. He lifts me easily onto his barstool and snaps his fingers at one of them to get me a drink, stepping between my legs and staring down at me. 

“I think the Raven-haired Beauty tonight, don’t you, Bunny? Let’s get drunk and take her home. You can just watch me play. You’ve been pouting over M long enough, now, don’t you think?” He hands me the drink and helps me tip it to my lips. “Now, do what Daddy says like a good girl. I can’t stand to see you mooning about anymore. Live a little, eh? That’s an order.” 

He slides a hand smoothly up my thigh and around to my ass, pulling me sharply to his hips. I take a deep drink, staring back at him, I nod. 

“Good Bunny.”

He turns his body slightly towards the bevy of women, draping an arm lightly around the back of my stool, engaging the Raven Beauty in light banter. I feel a hand on my shoulder, and Violet bends her head to mine;

“So, is tonight finally going to be the night, kid? It’s about ***y time, if you ask me,” she smirks, clicking her glass to mine and smacking Nick lightly on the shoulder. 

He turns and gives her a kiss on the cheek. “Vi! Stunning set as always, love. My loins were aquiver with lust. Love the new hair, too.”

“You charmer,” she laughs, embracing him around the waist. “You be careful not to break my friend, here,” she says, nodding at me, “I need her. She’s the only one who can actually dance!”

“Yes, and I intend to put those skills to proper use,” He retorts, slamming the rest of his drink back and ordering us all more.

I roll my eyes. “You guys know I’m sitting right here, yes?” I say, leaning back in my seat and crossing my legs. I notice the Raven Haired Beauty is staring at me, so I decide to help Nick along a bit and take the cherry out of my drink and slowly suck it into my mouth, drawing it in and out while staring at her.

“Holy Christ, Bunny, are you trying to make me hard right here in front of all these people? Because if so, it’s working.”

“Free advertising,” I say, biting down on it and smiling at him, taking another drink.

Nick and I begin to weave our little net around the Raven, with Violet draping herself over the back of my barstool, languidly peppering the banter with her clever flirtatious wit. I am thoroughly enjoying myself, and Nick’s fingers playing up and down the exposed vertebrae of my spine are making me tingle. Audience members come up to Violet and I throughout the night, offering to buy us drinks – men approaching us again and again; rarely, but sometimes, aggressively. Violet’s husband is nearby, and steps in whenever needed, then falling back to hang out with his punk band at the end of the bar. For the most part, Nick’s impressive physical proximity and presence ward off the most obnoxious ones, but once or twice, he is required to simply stand up and look menacingly down at the offending jerk while I shove into said jerk’s groin with the heel of my boot. 

The Raven is falling nicely into our web. Sir Nick is twirling her hair in his fingers, complimenting her on her ripe little mouth and flawless skin. I am silently flirting with my endless supply of cherries, one hand on Nick’s shoulder, slowly becoming more tipsy as the night progresses. Dancers flash across the stage, and the music throbs in my bones. Eventually, Nick leans over and whispers in my ear;

“I think we might be ready to go home, don’t you, Bunny?”

Nick waves Raven closer and she approaches, one hand demurely behind her back. He leans in to whisper to her that I am here to show a good young girl the “ropes”, so to speak. She glances up and me and blushes. She tries to lean forward to say something and realizes he is holding her tightly around the waist. I smile at her and clasp her hand, standing up and discreetly drawing it down to brush it against Nick’s cock. She is stunned. I whisper into her other ear;

“We are going to have such a lovely time tonight. Come on, sweetheart, you’re coming with us.”

Nick stops me at the door just as we’re about to leave, places his hand just above my ass, leans into my neck, kisses it, and whispers, “You’re welcome”.

I pull her along as Nick d***s his coat over my shoulders, and we exit the bar, kissing friends goodnight as we weave our way out the door and into a waiting cab.

Back in Nick’s loft, I’ve tied Raven spread eagle to the bed, and he’s pulled her red dress down to expose nothing but a tiny black thong. I lean over her and kiss her, stroking her neck and ask if she’s comfortable. She sighs and says yes, squirming a bit as Nick strokes her thighs. He and I stand up together, looking down at her, and after pulling me in for a kiss, he taps me on the shoulder.

“Go stand in the corner, Bunny.”

We’ve started. I put myself in the proper headspace and walk to the corner nearest the bed and stand, hands folded in front of me, and look on. 

Sir Nick slowly pulls off his clothes, smiling as Raven’s eyes widen at the sight of his full erection. I feel my breath come faster as he kneels on the bed, taking his cock in hand and teasing it between the lips of her spread-wide pussy. She starts to moan as he begins thrusting the head slowly in and out, and I push my Latex panties to the side, fingers sliding between my legs as I watch him thrust himself deeper in – Raven gasping as his huge cock stretches her wide. Nick turns his head to see me playing with myself and smiles.

“Look, what we’ve done, Raven – my little Bunny is touching her cunt because of how I play with you. Are you watching, Bunny?”

“Yes, Daddy”, I say, moving my fingers faster under my panties, licking my lips.

“This cute little slut is taking Daddy in her little cunt,” Nick says, slowly sliding his cock full into her and looking me in the eyes, “how does that make you feel?”

He begins thrusting harder in her, her moans getting louder, “You could have had this cock before, but instead it’s going in Raven.”

I suddenly realize this has nothing to do with this girl he’s fucking, but everything to do with Nick and me – he’s fucking her harder, looking at me as my fingers move faster over my pussy, my thighs parting, my knees weakening. Her cries are getting louder and she comes as he rams himself deep inside her;

“Look, Bunny, she’s creaming on my cock already – what would you do to this little whore if you could have my cock?”

“Whip her,” I moan breathlessly.

Nick pulls out of the writhing girl on the bed and comes over to me, grabs my hair by the ponytail and drags me over to her, putting a whip in my hand and shoving me knees down onto the bed.

“Then get to it,” he orders, kneeling behind me and gripping me around the waist, one hand still in my hair.

I lift the whip and bring it down on her slick, wet thighs, pushing my hips back into Nick’s still hard cock every time she cries out. Then I reach out to slide my fingers over her clit. He pushes his erection against me and I feel myself getting ready to come.

He presses his hand over my panties and begins to rub slowly, whispering, “You don’t stop whipping her until you come, Bunny.”

I bring the whip down again and again across her upper thighs, and Raven is moaning and writhing on the bed – “Oh my God, I’m coming again! I can’t take it!”

And I’m pretty sure the two of us come around the same time.

“Have you two done this before?” She asks, breathlessly, once we’re all done.

“No”, Sir Nick says, smiling at me, pulling me into a kiss as we look down at the mess of a girl we’ve left on his bed, “but we will again.”



This is so addictive. Can’t wait to read more.


This is so beautifully written so alluring and so exciting love it

11 hours ago, Mickey10 said:

This is so beautifully written so alluring and so exciting love it

Thank you so much! That is so lovely of you to say. I posted more, I hope you’ll read and enjoy.  


Natural talent at it's best 😈

21 hours ago, MissLou19 said:

Natural talent at it's best 😈

Haha, he is definitely a natural talent!  The next part of the story is up....😈


Fabulous  !!! I'll he digging in ferverously  thanks ReddRabbit 😈💋

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