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CUM CONTROL FOR CAROLINE – PART THREE – (The tables are turned)

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Part One is here: 


We have ten rooms in the house over 3 floors. The cellar has 2 bedrooms, the one bottom right is ONE, bottom left is TWO. Ground floor from the right is living room, diner, kitchen, and shower/toilet, so THREE, FOUR, FIVE and SIX. Top floor has two bedrooms, SEVEN and EIGHT, a store room, NINE and another shower/toilet so number 10

You put the remote-controlled butt plug I bought for you in me.  We go about doing domestic stuff.  You decide you need me, to check I am still hard, you told me to keep it hard all morning.

You summon me by operating the remote control. On then off, on then off. The number of buzzes tells me what room I need to find you in.

It is no surprise, you are in room 10. I arrive, not quick enough for you, I shall pay for that later no doubt. You ask where the toilet roll is.  I replied I put a new one in there last night, but I can see it is missing.  You told me you had just had a pee, so I had better clean you up with my mouth. I do so. Right, you say. Time for your punishment for being late and not changing the loo roll. You tell me you will buzz me later when you are ready.

I wait in the shower room, I was not told to go anywhere else.  I tidy up and find the “missing” loo roll. “Cunt Goddess “, I think to myself.

Then I feel the buzzing, I am counting. Three, living room. I go quickly. Goddess is wearing her small strap-on, she is kind.  Her gorgeous tits are hanging out, I take one look, I am pleased to see my cock go harder, as I hate the punishment for having a soft cock in her presence. “Bend over the table” you order. I do so, “open wide you cunt” she tells me.  I move my hands behind my back and open my cheeks.   I can feel her removing the remote-controlled butt plug, and am grateful she did not leave it in, as well as using the strap-on.

She asks me what the punishment for failing to provide loo roll and for being late.  Goddess I say, the loo roll like anything else you request, but I fail to deliver is 100 thrusts on your strap-on. For being late, you will cane my bum, but I must not count, as you will know when I have had enough.

I feel the lube on my bum. You push the strap-on in. “Ready” I hear. “Yes goddess “I say. I count as she moves it in and out. One, two, three. By the time I get to fifty, I am crying, but she won’t stop.  At eighty my legs give way, the strap-on slips out.  “Do you want another hundred “I hear you say. I get up and feel the strap-on go back in, I don’t know how but I got to a hundred. I was released.

“Fetch my cane cunt” she says. I go upstairs to the toy room put the cane in my mouth and return. I am told to bend over, and I feel the remote-control slide back in. “Stay here “she commands, I will let you rest and call you later. She is kind.

I busy myself tidying up and cleaning the table. I am not sure what is worse, the waiting, knowing I will be punished, or the punishment itself.

After nearly an hour, I count the buzzes, eight, main upstairs bedroom. I rush upstairs. She is on the bed, she has her nipple pumps on and is sitting up on the side of the bed. “Bend over my knee cunt” she says. She puts my hard cock between her legs and then starts caning my bum, at first quite gently, after about twenty strokes, she is getting harder and harder. It hurts, I cry out. “I will stop when I think you can take no more “she says.  It goes on and on.

Eventually she stops and tells me to stand. My erection has gone. I am in for it now. She sees my floppy cock and immediately tells me to get the crop.

I fetch the crop in my mouth to present it to her. She strikes my cock, ***s me by putting her own mouth near it. I get hard. Then I feel the first of what is going to be twelve strokes of the crop on my cock, “one” I shout, it hurts, but if I do not count the strokes, the strokes don’t count, and I get them again.  After twelve, my cock is going soft again, I look at her tits, I feel the warm tingle as it is getting hard again.

Punishments are now over for me, at least for this morning. It is now time to please my mistress. Yesterday I made her cum five times in one hour. She had told me this is not enough. I must be inventive!

It’s 12 O’clock. Switchover time. Yay. We have done lunch, I remind the whore she is mine now. “Only if you make me cum 6 times in the next hour” she reminds me. Revenge is a fish best served cold I think to myself. Hmmm “cold”, I could use that.

I get you undressed. Naked, just way I like it. I tell you to stand in the bath. I start the cold tap running. I let it run until it is around your ankles. You are complaining. I laugh. If you want some warm water I tell you, masturbate now while I open your pussy lips to get a good view.  You have never masturbated like this before. You put your hand down to your pussy, you can feel you are very wet already, you rub your clitoris and only a couple of minutes later you are cumming. I pull the plug and start the shower, this time it is warm. I wash you down. I bend you over and with just a dab of lube I insert the remote-control butt plug into you. I turn it on pulse.

You have not let me cum for two days. I lead you to the cellar bedroom. I tip up the bed to reveal the St Andrews cross I have built. I tie your hands up to the top, and your legs to the bottom. I am not sure whether to fuck your cunt first or your sweet bottom. Your cunt first I decide.  I’ll leave the butt plug in, but as I am kind, I turn it up to full vibrate. I am fucking you, I tell you that when I say “Good girl” you are to cum. You nod your head. I am about to cum, so I say, “Good girl” and you arch your body and groan, you are cumming. I quickly release you, push you to your knees, your mouth automatically opens, and I squirt 5 or 6 times my cum into your mouth. You spill some though. “I’ll pay for that” you think to yourself.

I tell you leave the cum in your mouth. Stay there, I will call you later.

I move up the stairs to the top shower room. No 10. I buzz you 10 times. You arrive quickly. Your punishment for spilling my cum is to be spanked on the pussy and clitoris. You are expecting the usual 6 strokes. I tell you I will stop when I think you have had enough, but I want you to count anyway. I position you so your legs are very wide apart, “open your cunt for me” I tell you. You do so, then the crop is in use. You’ve counted to nine and are begging me to stop. I carry on until you count 12, your legs are buckling, I am kind, so I stop, and tell you get on the bed in the diaper position. You gratefully move to the bed.

I can see your wide-open pussy, it is red. It needs kissing better, so I go down and lick you. You are liking this I can tell as you are moving around. I move on to your clitoris, it is getting bigger, I can tell the signs that you are going to cum again. I suck your clitoris and keep it in my mouth sucking harder and harder. You groan and you cum again. You even thank me.

3 down 3 to go I think.  I shall make your next one harder to cum. I take out your butt plug and insert more lube. Without a word I put my cock straight into your bottom, you yelp a bit, but I can see you are enjoying it. I move it in and out. You are squirming, but you have never cum this way before. I squeeze your nipples between my fingers and carry on fucking your hole. I say, “Good girl” and you just start cumming, there is even some pee coming out, so I come out of you and decide to lick you clean.

I tell you to get on all fours. I show you a dice and I put a dice in your mouth and tell you to let it out, so you can see the number.  1 is a pussy fuck, 2 is an anal fuck, 3 is a mouth fuck. A 4 is pussy and anal, 5. Is pussy, anal and mouth, a six is the jackpot, pussy, anal, mouth and tit clamps. I wonder what number you are hoping to get.

t’s a 6! No surprise to me. All the sides on that dice have a 6!

“You are a fucking pervy cheating fucking bastard lying wank-puffin” you say when you see the dice. “It’s not like I make up the fucking rules cum slut” I say.

You are still on all fours, you’re looking around to see what I am doing. I tell you face forward, head held high, mouth open.

I decide to use the 8” and 10” vibrators, they are the same width. I put a blindfold on you, then put a vibrator in your mouth and tell you to say whether this one goes in your pussy or your mouth. You cannot tell the size though. You say pussy. I put the next vibrator in your mouth, you say bottom. It really made no difference, I was always going to put the biggest one in your bottom, but it made me smile. I lube you up and insert the 10” into your bottom, but only half way. I put the 8” one in your pussy, again about half way.  I tell you to move your hands back and keep them in place. I get your nipple clamps with chain, I attach them firmly to your nipples, you yelp. I put the chain in your mouth and tell you lift you head back until I say stop. I wait till I can see your nipples being pulled and tell you stop and stay there. I go back around you, move your hands away and turn both your vibrators on, then in turn, one inch at a time, I push them all the way in. I get some rope and tie it around your waist, then loop it several times between your legs and tie it off. Those vibrators will not fall out. I come around to your front and take the chain out of your mouth, you feel relief on your nipples, but I hold the chain and swing your tits back and forth. I tell you it stops once you cum.  I put my cock in your mouth, you raise your hand to hold it, I push your hand away. You are going to be face-fucked.  After a few minutes I feel myself cumming, I pull your nipple clamps and tell you “Good girl” and you cum at the same time as me. You manage to keep it all in your mouth, so I allow you to swallow it. I then release you. We have 12 minutes to make you cum one more time. I know you are determined not to, so you can go back to being goddess.

I must find something you cannot resist. It can only be the chair, and the enormous dildo. I drag you to the shower room and put you in the inspection position with a blindfold on. I fetch the chair and use the sucker to attach the 17” dildo to it. I turn you around, so you are straddling the chair, I position you crouching, you can feel the enormous one touching your pussy, you know what is coming. I tie your legs to the front legs of the chair, then push you down two more inches.  I pull your tits by the nipples, so they are hanging nicely over the back of the chair. I push you down another two inches. I tell you to move up and down and I want that dildo in half way by the time I get back.  I can see you moving up and down, I fetch your nipple pumps. I check on progress, you are not halfway in yet, I push you down another three inches.  “Keep moving up and down” I tell you. I put your pumps onto your nipples, you let out a little scream.  By now you have 11” worth of the enormous one in your pussy, you have managed about 12” before. I push you down, then further down, then even further down.  I check and there are just two inches left to go, but you are screaming.

I tell you that you can cum now, or I push you down so all 17” are inside you. You start to moan, you are struggling, I say to you “Good girl” and you cum and squirt. Phew, only one-minute left.  Guess I am the boss for the rest of the day!

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