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Part One is here  


I ask you if you are ready to do down to breakfast, you say you are famished.  “Excellent” I say, lets get ready then.  “I am ready” you say.  I tell her she is not allowed outside our room without wearing her remote-control butt plug.  I tell her to bend over, lift her shirt and drop down her panties.

“Open wide” I say, she knows what to do, her hands come around the back and she spreads her bottom wide open.  I put just a little lube on the plug, not too much, as I do not want it falling out.  She stands and adjust her clothing.  I move the wheel on the remote-control and she quivered.  “Good” I say, it’s working.

We take the lift from the 8th floor to the ground floor.  We are alone, but I tell her to put her hand down my trousers to hold my cock.  We reach the ground floor and walk out like anyone would.  I seat here at a table for two and sit down myself.  The server comes over and asks us if we would like tea or coffee, I tell the server coffee for both of us please.  Caroline was about to say something (she prefers tea), I use the remote-control and she sat up a little bit but kept her mouth shut.

“Cunt” she said.  I smiled, she would pay for that later.

The server came back with our coffee and asked what we would like for breakfast.  I turned the remote up full blast, then told the server 2 full English please.  When the server left I turned the remote down and Caroline said, “It’s hard trying not to squirm when you turn that up to full”, I know I said, but you are doing well.  She smiled.

Every time anyone came near the table I turn the remote up, Caroline just kept looking around, so she knew when the vibrations would start.  I have to say, that was one of the best breakfast’s I have ever had.

We left the table and walked to the lifts, just past the reception area.  As we passed the girl at the counter I used the remote-control again.  I fucking love this new toy.

We returned to the hotel bedroom.  Caroline asked if she could cum, I told her not yet, not until we had played a game, and she had won.

“OK” she said.  What game is it.  I asked if she had played the game of “hot and cold” when searching for a hidden item in the house, people tell her she is hot if she is close to it, and cold if she is far away from it.  “Of course,” she said.  OK I tell her; the rules are simple.  If you are far away, then the remote-stays on full blast, as you get nearer, I will turn it down.

“Get undressed” I tell her.  She immediately kneels in front of me, takes out my cock and puts it in her mouth and undresses, without my cock falling out.  I think to myself, she is learning, she may make a good Sub yet.

“Now then, I have hidden three objects for you to find either in the bedroom or the bathroom, when you find each one, you have to use it.  You also have to find them in the right order, ready” I say.

She starts off in the bathroom, but the remote stays on full blast, she walks, or rather staggers a bit into the bedroom and opens the wardrobe, still full blast.  She goes to the dressing unit and I turn it down a bit, she opens all the drawer, so I turn it up a bit, after a further 5 minutes she finds her small vibrator taped to the back the dressing unit mirror.

“Put it in your pussy” I tell her, “and do not let it fall out.”

She now starts walking around, with her legs as close as possible, the remote turned to maximum, as she is still near the dressing unit.  She moves to the wardrobe, but it remains on full.  She goes into the bathroom, so I turn the remote down, she is warm.  She opens the cabinet, nothing there, so I turn it up.  She is looking around, there is nowhere to hide anything, she is struggling, so I turn it up again.  Eventually she realises there is a towel on the hanger with a bump under it, she finds the first of her nipple pumps.  I turn the remote off.  She returns to me to put it on and asks if I can push her vibrator in as it is falling out.  I am kind, so I push it all the way in and put one of her nipple pumps on.

I turn the remote full on, so she starts searching again, she tries the bathroom again, just in case, no joy, back to the wardrobe, no joy.  Eventually she puts her hand on the bed, so I turn it down.  She asks me to move off the bed, so I do, she searches the sheets and under the pillows, no joy.  Now she realises it must be under the bed, but she must lie down on the floor to see it, she does so very slowly, very conscious of not letting those plugs out.  She finds her other nipple pump, so I turn off the remote, and when she gingerly gets up, I put her other nipple pump on.

I took nearly 30 minutes. I was amused.  She did well, so as I am kind, I told her to get in the diaper position, where I licked her clitoris and pulled in and out on her pussy vibrator and kept the remote-control unit of her butt plug on full.  I told her she had 2 minutes to cum or wait another hour.  She came after 15 seconds, she is learning.

I took out her vibrator and butt plug and told her to clean herself up.  Leave the nipple pumps on though.

After she had cleaned herself up, she returned to me for inspection, I caressed her tits, taking care not to move the pumps, then licked her pussy, then her bottom.  I had not put my tongue in her bottom before, I liked it, her body movement told me she did as well.

I asked her of she needed to pee, she said not yet.  She knows if she says yes, once I have her in the position I want she only has 2 minutes to start, so she only says yes or asks permission when she is good and ready.  I tell her to make the tea, which she does,

We relax and have a chat about things.

“Time to start the next game” I said.  “Take a look in that bag I bought with me.  Take out the equipment”.

It was a hot water bottle, a tube with a flow control unit on it, on one end a plastic tapering piece with holes in it.  She placed it on the bed, I could see she was nervous.

“Not to worry” I say, “This does not hurt.” “Yet”.

I tell her to put just two cups of water into the kettle and turn it on for a short while until the water was warm.  When it was ready, she bought the kettle to me, I tested the temperature, not too hot, not too cold, perfect.

As this was her first enema, I told her to go into the bathroom and bend over the bath, and to open wide.  I followed her in, poured the water into the hot water bottle, hung it up over the shower rail, connected the tube.  I then put a small amount of lube in her bottom, and gently slid the tapered point in.  She wiggled a bit, but it does not hurt.  I then turned on the flow meter.  “Ooooh” she said.  I asked if it hurt, she said no, just “feels funny”.  After 2 minutes all the water was in her bottom, so I unplugged her, and told her to stand up, next to the toilet, but not to sit down on it.

She stood there, but I could see she needed to evacuate the water.  I told her, to get the maximum benefit, it needs to be in there for a full 5 minutes.  I left the bathroom and told her I would give her a countdown of the minutes, she can sit down and go when I say so.

I turned the television on to watch a few minutes of the news, but after 4 minutes and 5 seconds, I heard her sit down.  I let her finish then I shouted at her to clean up and report back to me for inspection, and news of her punishment for failing to do the full 5 minutes.

She sheepishly walked back into the room and apologised to me for failing her task. I did my customary inspection of her body, flicking my tongue into her bottom as well.  I tell her to stand in the corner facing away from me while I ponder her punishment.

I watch the news for 10 minutes, making sure she keeps her face to the wall, she knows if she turns around she will get the tennis ball on her nose.  She is learning.

After 10 minutes I call her to me.  “Your punishment” I say is that you can either choose not to cum again at all today, so not until after midnight tonight, or, you may choose to have enemas, until you can manage to keep it in for the required amount of time.”

She knows me, there must be a catch, she is sure she can take 2 cup fulls of water and keep it in for 5 minutes now she has had some practice.   She asks, “Is that just the 2 cup fulls Sir”, she is learning.

I explain that we move on to 2 pints and the waiting time is 10 minutes, you will get 3 goes at this.  Once you pass, I promise you that you will be allowed to cum as much as you want for the rest of the evening, also, you can decide how you want to cum.  I am too fucking kind I think to myself, but she will never pass this test.

I know she will pick having a go at the enemas, she hardly ever goes more than 2 hours, when awake, and not make herself cum.

She rapidly agrees to the enemas.

I tell her to fill the kettle up, it takes exactly 2 pints, and turn it on to get warm only.  She does this.

I put a towel on the bed and tell her to get on all fours on it.  “Open Wide” I say.  I set the equipment up and hold the bottle high, then turn on the flow control.  She was fine for the first pint, then she told me she could feel her belly bloating, and she might have to expel.  I told her she is not to make a mess of this bed.  She held fast, I slowed the flow control down a bit, but she was to get it all.  After around 5 minutes, all 2 pints of warm water was in her bottom.

“Get up off the bed and stand-up” I said.  She did so, but very gently. “Now, walk to the bathroom, and stand ready to sit down on the toilet”.  She moved slowly, legs tight together.  She got there, so I started the timer and began her countdown.  I expected she would last about 3 minutes.

I told her that “If you fail, you also get flogged for 10 minutes after you have cleaned up.  “No pressure! “.  I returned to watch the news.  She lasted 4 minutes 35 seconds, not bad I thought.  I told her to clean up and return for inspection.

I made her bend over the chair and I flogged her bottom for 10 solid minutes.  She liked this, I could tell, so afterwards I stuck my cock in her pussy and pumped away, she was soon about to climax, so I stopped of course.

She was ready for the second attempt.  She put the kettle on and bought it to me when the water was the right temperature.  “You know the position” I said.  Then I started her off on her second 2 pints, this time though, I kept the flow control at half speed.  She did not complain, other than saying her belly was bloated again.  I told her to stand up.

I gently rubbed her belly, then stroked her clitoris, I could feel she was very wet.  It only took a minute.  I walked her to the toilet, returned to the bedroom and told her I had started the clock.  After 4 minutes I shouted out “4 minutes”, then 5, then 6 then 7 then 8.  She then sat down very loudly.  Close I thought, so very close.

“You are a fucking spunk-trumpeting, wank-puffin” you call me.

“Don’t worry[PH1] ” I say, “you have one more try.”  Then get on the bed in the diaper position, I am going to flog your pussy for 10 minutes.  I am kind, I flog her pussy, but quite gently, with a few hard whacks on her bottom.

“Get the kettle on.”  I say.

I fill her up for the third time.  I walk her to the toilet and put her in position. I take off her nipple pumps, they have been on for over an hour.  She squeals loudly but manages to remain in control.  As I am kind, I resist the urge to pinch both her nipples which would send a sort of electric shock through her body.

I return to the bedroom and start the timer.  As the minutes go by I shout them out, “5, 4, 3, 2, 1.  On the count of One, I return to the bathroom, and start counting the seconds down.  She is squirming. “10 seconds” I say, will she last?  I shout “NOW”, she sits down hard, and I hear the water coming out of her.  I let her finish, she is looking at me, if looks could kill I think to myself.

I tell her to clean up and report back for inspection.  She returns 10 minutes later, and she has a big grin on her face. “I passed” she said.  “You said I could cum as many times as I want from now on”, “Yes” I replied.  She continued with “And I get to decide how I cum, yes”, “Yes” I say.  “Oh good” she says, “My turn now”

The rest of the story will be covered in Part 3, being written by Caroline, I was somewhat tied up.



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