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New to a D/s relationship

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After the lockdown has ended I will involved in a D/s relationship with my Mistress and would love some advice about how I should go about my daily life, what is a D/s relationship really about and how can I truly give her the best version of me? Any help would be very much appreciated. 


Ask her what she expects from you.

Don't expect your daily life to change tooooo much - because this is micromanagement that puts work on her - but depending on the nature of your relationship you may look for different things to do for her (even if it's just bidding her good morning and good night)

"Best version of yourself" is a bit of a cliche - but, basically, work towards financial stability, cut out/down bad habits, avoid complacency. 


I know what she expects of me as she has been very clear in that sense. 
As I am new to this lifestyle and she is a experience Domme, she wants me to read and learn more about what it takes to be in a D/s relationship, the true meaning of being a submissive. From the outside world it will just look like a normal relationship but I want to learn, how can I show her my full submission. 


It’s her role to guide you? Doesn’t sound very good to start a relationship that way


Some of this feels...

Really if you know what she expects from you - that's what you have to do

researching is good - but a loose guide of what she thinks things will look like is a good starting point

it's good form to do something each to show you are thinking of her - that can be done while lockdown is going on


Did you know her before the lockdown or did you meet her during it?


I'm aware of other Domme's who expect their new subs to read and learn more about what a D/s relationship should look like. This is because so many male subs come to the lifestyle with misconceptions of what a Mistress will be like, bringing notions from what they've seen in porn that are not true to the lifestyle at all. 

I usually begin this education process during the discussion phase, before a relationship or arrangement is agreed upon. If the sub can't accept this, there is no point in progressing. So it's good that you're aware you will have to do this. 

The advice Eyem has given you is good. And don't expect her to micromanage your life. That's really tedious shit. You're there to make her life run more smoothly. Remember that. 


We have had the discussion phase, I truly understand what my Mistress wants from me and a D/s relationship, she has been very clear about what it is she wants. 
As the sub it is my job to learn more about the lifestyle and what it takes to be a submissive, I have been reading daily about the lifestyle of a D/s relationship. 

I have quickly learnt that it’s like a normal relationship with a different look to it. The normal things apply but then I know when it comes to any decisions that need to be made, it’s by her. I’m very happy with that as well. 
it’s a great stress for a Mistress to take a sub o and I try to make it easier for her by doing my own homework she sets me each day. 
The more I learn each day about myself and making sure I’m not a burden on her life, as I should be the calming person in her life who she can be her true self with as well as me. 
she works very hard and is a busy women. We both have jobs and life’s but it’s something that I will work around to please her. 
thank you for the advice I do appreciate it, anymore I would be grateful. 

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