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The awakening, Part 3

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                     "The training"


Day 2.


To understand the reality of this friendship/dynamic first we must understand our "knight" a little more.

What I show you are selected snippets that are relevant to this story but not all the story.  Our "knight" understands and embraces the importance of his vanilla nature, how can he be the "Dom" this submissive needs unless he can first move within the vanilla world at peace with himself and those around him?  This he knows he must impress upon his new "charge" she needs to understand the value of a healthy vanilla life aswell as kink so the conversation also includes day to day chit chat, work, home life etc. Our "knight" has seen many enter this world and become slightly overwhelmed by it all, as if the vanilla world dissapears and all that exists is BDSM/KINK. Some lose the ability to then lead a healthy, stable life on both sides of the fence and he understands perfectly that this is as much a part of her development and training as anything kink related, balance is key.


The following is a selected transcript of Day 2 messaging on whatsapp between our "knight" and his "Princess"


"Morning Kitten, I hope you are well and behaving?"


"Morning Sir, I'm always well since meeting you and I always behave ha ha"


"😂😂of course you do Kitten, we shall see about that.  Today I have another important task for you to complete. I understand you're at work this morning so it's to be completed in its entirety for 9pm and not a minute later"


"I'm excited Sir, I so want to do well"


"Remember Kitten, it's ok to get things wrong, don't put too much pressure on yourself"


"I won't, I just want to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can, then I know I'm making you happy"


"You have made me nothing but happy since our first message Sweetie"


Our "knight" fully understands that praise and a gentle guiding hand are key at this point. Our "princess" lacks personal confidence badly, is always unsure of herself and a key part of her training is to build her up, improve her confidence, make her much more than she is now and not just submissively.  With confidence and belief in herself again she will be better prepared for the years ahead. He sees his role firstly as a protector and he's going to build armour through knowledge and confidence around his young Submissive. So many weak "Doms" crush belief and confidence as it's easier to then control, convince their partners they are "shit". They try to create a "doormat" submissive but for our "knight that's not submission but brainwashing. True submission should be offered freely and with a clear head, is it submission any other way? Our "knight" does not think so and is fully prepared to confront any he meets on his travels who think otherwise.


"I'm so happy to hear that Sir, I want to be everything you need, the best I can always be"


"And in time I'm sure you will be Kitten but again it's ok to stumble, get things wrong especially at the beginning. You are doing so well so I think a little patience is important right now"


"Understood sir"


"Good, so today little girl You are to give me 3 examples of what the perfect "Dom" would be please. Think carefully before you answer Kitten and I want you to use completely your own personal opinion. Please don't answer on anything you may have heard or what others want. This is about you and your opinion. Do you understand?"


"I do sir"


"Good girl, I have to go now Kitten, a busy day ahead. I shall leave that with you and look forward to what you perceive those 3 things would be.Have a good day"


So for those who may lack experience let's pause for a moment and ask ourselves why our "knight" sets tasks, wishes to know what she thinks. He's a "Dom" surely all that matters is what he wants and his opinion??    


Sadly this is so so wrong and something many just don't understand. A "submissive" is not a doormat and again any Dom who seeks a doormat for me are not Dom at all but just bullies, cruel and spiteful. Our "knight" encourages free thinking to a certain extent especially at the beginning of something new, how she answers gives him understanding of her inner self, what she is and then he can adapt her Training and how he interacts with her to again try and build some confidence and independence. He wants to produce the perfect submissive to satisfy all his needs but a submissive who can think and most importantly say no. A sbmissive with knowledge and inner strength, with that another piece of armour will be in place.


The day passes as all days do, both our Heroes going about their lives but there is a difference within her. She can't quite put her finger on exactly what it is but there is something. A new feeling within, something she has never felt before, something warm and welcome but again not something she fully grasps, yet.


"HI sir I hope your day was good. I'm really well thank you. So I have thought very carefully and these are the 3 things I would choose


1.Honesty, I would always want my "sir" to tell me the truth, how can I become more and what my "sir" requires without his honest guidance. I so need to be what you need and only the truth will lead me there.


2.Patience. So far sir you have shown me nothing but, how can I learn unless in a calm environment where I know it's ok to stumble, it's ok to get things wrong without *** of punishment. I still struggle to understand why I feel the things I do and I'm hoping with your patience over time my cravings will become clearer.


3.Affection. The very first message you sent me was full of affection and care. It confused me slightly as all the others I spoke to were so aggressive and rude, I thought all doms were the same and that aggression was how all acted. You showed me straight away how wrong I was and you affection is so so important, to know deep inside you have my best interests at heart, you "care" and i know you care about me as a person not just something sexual.


I hope you are happy with these Sir?"


See how yet again she seeks praise and validation??


This must be given, she must know when she is getting things right, remember for our knight building her up first is the key. The answers she gave for him Are a perfect response as shefocused more on basic human decency rather than kink/sexual related answers. She didn't answer as an example "i want to be the best slut I can be" all this comes much later on, there is plenty of time and make no mistake the training will lead that way but only once he's totally sure she really understand what is important first.


"HI Kitten, my day was great thanks. What wonderful answers you gave and I can see straight away thought went into them. Let's discuss them and see if we can work out there true importance"




The key to many things, how can we understand each other properly without this? How can I be the dom you need without it? The simple answer is I can't. Please kitten never for her this world both ways and as I will be honest with you then you must be honest with me. I'm a human like every one else and far from perfect, I get things wrong, I make mistakes so you sexy girl must always be honest with me.




A new world awaits Kitten, something you know very little about but you are learning and learning quickly. However you will get things wrong as I will, it takes time to learn and understand each other's needs and cravings properly, for that to work then yes patience is key and you see how again it works both ways, what you need from me I also need from you.


3. Affection.


This is the safety net, affectionate feelings for another ensure care and a strict adherence to the base protocols we learned yesterday. One whom does not care about his partner especially in this world should not really be playing. It's easy especially when your "Primal" as you know I am to get carried away, caught up in the scene and maybe go a little too hard a little to quick, with a foundation of affection  this is much less likely to happen"


You see what our "knight"is doing here? Hes trying to achieve his first real goal with his young Submissive. TRUST. He's taking his time, he's being Honest, patient and within a framework of affection,strangely enough the 3 things our submissive highlighted. He is building trust.


"😁❤Thank you sir, so I did ok yes?"


"Kitten, you answered perfectly, there are not always right or wrong answers in situations such as this but your 3 choices were wise ones and thought out. You are thinking sweetie, not just being led by the hand. You are taking responsibility for your own thoughts and in turn your life and direction. Yes kitten wonderful answers indeed 😊"


"❤❤💋💋 I feel so happy Sir, I can't quite explain how I feel but I feel different"


"Happiness Is something it seems we both carry at the moment Kitten. It's getting late and I know you have a long day at work tomorrow so you are to go to bed now, you are to touch yourself and you are to come,  i want you to think of your darkest desires, things that maybe even shock you as we are going to start discussing these things soon, it's time for me to see more of the deviance you carry.

Go to bed and we will chat tomorrow after work about that dark imagination you have, the one that brought us together in the first place. Night kitten, sleep well.


"Night Sir, I'm thinking of you and I have  a feeling these thoughts are going to play a part in my report tomorrow"


"As answers go I just can't find fault in that one Kitten, night."


And so another day draws to a close our "Knight" again is satisfied and he can see a change happening, strength building, confidence growing. Yes his little girl is starting to come out of her shell a little, she is starting to believe a little in herself but more importantly she is starting to trust

11 hours ago, Donnykinkster said:

 True submission should be offered freely and with a clear head, is it submission any other way?



A "submissive" is not a doormat and again any Dom who seeks a doormat for me are not Dom at all but just bullies, cruel and spiteful. 

what make you saying that? Why a sub who seek a Dom to treat her like trash or doormat is not a real sub? Do you have one sided version of submission and Dominance? 
how do you know the sub who choose you to be her Dom doesn’t use you for her own ***? Dues it make you better than that other Dom 

1 hour ago, FabSeverus said:

Dues it make you better than that other Dom 

Yes, it does

We can't control other's intentions only our own. 

The word Dominant, as any other word, has to be defined, its not a debatable definition. 

A dominant has to be first and for most concerned with a submissive's wellbeing. 

If you as a 'dominant' are only interested in your own gratification, then you should call yourself something else, because a dominant you are not. 

During PLAY a dominant may use a submissive and a submissive may enjoy being used, but that's all it should be, playing. 


Responsibility is the word @FabSeverus. An understanding that our actions may have an affect later in life on these "doormats"maybe not today or next week but it can and and does damage their mental health. I have turned down play or at least the chance of it because i felt she was either too young OR I felt she wasn't totally sure about the path she truly wanted.  


What makes me say that? Because that's what I believe.

Did I say a submissive who wishes to be  a doormate is not a "real" sub? Err no

Your putting words into my mouth now.

One thing I have seen is this world is full of cunts who are only about themselves and I will always confront what I see as injustice or downright cruelty. I went through something 2 weeks ago that would curl your toes and I believe if you knew the full facts you would have  been as angry as I was. I have learned a couple of valuable lessons the last few weeks and that "evil" I saw was one of them. This world is full of those with mental health issues and I can see why, many like to blather on about care blah blah blah but what about in 5 years  10 years when the sub has to deal with ptsd brought on by so called "doms"? You ever asked yourself that? I have. You wanna get offended over a few lines in a book crack on. Seems I've hit a nerve.


I make no apologies to anyone who doesn't agree with my views, I make no apologies for anything I put in my short stories, it's called fiction for a reason. 


 Did I say I was  a "better" Dom? No I did not.


 Do I believe I'm a.better human being than most? Yep no doubts whatsoever.


Thank you @TheAlphaSub. My very own little bodyguard 😊😊x








Let's take @TheAlphaSub as an example Fab. Look at the name, Alpha. Gives a little clue about what she is. No run of the mill  "Dom" would get anywhere near this lass, why? Because she has strength and the ability to think, most don't have the bollocks for a woman like this as the chase is challenging,  tough even, which for me would make any physical interaction so much more satisfying, any friendship that is built much more solid because I would be made to work for it. You seek a "doormat" then that's your choice, I prefer women with a little fire in them, a thinker, some level of Intelligence. That way I'm more comfortable that She knows what she wants, she has thought it through properly and as such there is much less chance of later issues. You have your way and I have mine, I admit my nature is Not "dom" enough for some when we first start chatting and it has closed off certain opportunities, however it has opened up many others. if a meet happens and if that then leads to play then I'm plenty "dom" enough for most and too "dom" for some. First though before anything I'm trying to be a good "Man". That is much more important to me than anything kink related. 


Some wolves hunt weak prey, thosw that can be overwhelmed easily. Yet some wolves hunt other wolves, yes the fight is harder, the chance of success less and the chance of *** high  yet the rewards are so much greater, the feast brings a fuller belly and the submission  offered by the defeated wolf much higher. To dominate the strong  wolf takes another strong wolf. To dominate a mouse takes no strength at all


who said I was looking for weak subs? I don't debate in my name. Believe me if you want to have a go with my sub try it lol and see the result. end of that thank you.

I know what you are referring to, but lets not generalise and assume all the sub need to be modelled at your taste or preference. As I says some just like to be use like a doormat, and all the subs are not alpha type either. So for you a sub has to have master or degree in pure math or philosophy? others women are not entitled to be a sub because now the bdsm club is elitist? 

I think you need to be careful how you says things, you are hot headed because of your friend story but keep it in control....

its unfortunate that we hear some hard sorry but this is the reality of the bdsm world, just like in vanilla life. 


I'm.not generalizing anything. What you fail.to understand is this is my story and I shall tell it my way with my opinions. Are they always right becuase they are my opinion? No of course not, do I think all subs should have strength? No of course not. Is my way the best and only way? No of course not  it you are the one who felt the need to comment on something I have created so I'm replying. 

"Keep it in control" who do you think your talking to? Is this your site? Do you choose whom can have opinion? Are you the wise one who knows everything? Nope. 


Yes I am hot headed about certain things I admit but have you read the story from the beginning? All the chapters? Got the background on why our two players are built this way? If not I suggest you read the whole thing then maybe you will understand better


Yes I agree some subs enjoy the "doormat" dynamic and that's their choice. I do not judge them for that and if it brings them peace then I wish them well. 

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I don’t communicate with offensive people. 

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I like to talk in an positive manners 

5 hours ago, Donnykinkster said:

First though before anything I'm trying to be a good "Man". That is much more important to me than anything kink related. 

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 


FabSeverus you are the last one ...
I' have lost count on how many posts
and commentss have not been accepted..
If I have ever annoyed you or been rude to you I apologise.it won't happen again..

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Thank you for sharing your perspective on d/s. You seem to be knowledgeable of both sides of the dynamic which tells me if you've only been a dom that you have actually cared to listen and put yourself in a subs shoes. I know this is a story you made up but i do hope there are doms that actually feel this way and its not always just about using for selfish needs or sex not to say subs do not but im speaking of subs with good intentions and im sure there's doms out there with good intentions also. I just need to be patient until i meet that one.

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