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Primal Hunter Submissive - Any Tips?

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Do any of you score high in both primal hunter & submissive (based on the bdsmtest)?
What turns you on that is related to the combination of these traits?
I usually meet hunter doms, first time with a hunter sub so would appreciate some tips!😁

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I'm struggling with the concept of a "hunter/sub." I don't see how that's even possible. Have you met one?


63% sub
36% dom
36% hunter
35% prey

Not quite what you're asking about other than the hunter edges out the prey by a little bit.

Part of primal is that greater resistance is expected on the part of the prey.  A sub trying a hunter role could be someone who wants to try topping but doesn't think that they deserve to have submission just given to them.  Possibly they expect a little punishment in the form of the prey fighting back because they are attempting a dominant role.

Ask them how they think hunting will differ from submitting.



I’m kinda confused, this seems counterintuitive. I mean I scored high as both a Dom and a primal hunter. But I’ve never met/talked to anyone who’s a sub hunter. I always thought that the primal hunter was kind of like a Dom in a more ***istic way. Like if a Dom just really tapped into their primal instincts and just let go.


isn't this just a variety of switching? lol.

actually I'm not surprised that someone could be high on both, despite not registering it on the BDSM test I sometimes feel that way.  It depends on who I'm with, as a tigress I love to submissively throw myself at that strong male tiger, but as a tigress how do you think I view someone who comes across as more of an antelope?

that's probably similar to what @cautiousswitchis suggesting, or maybe a hunter/sub is just someone hunting for someone to submit to- a little like Klingon mating rituals in Star Trek


Even alpha have their alpha

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I'm primal hunter and sub, although usually this comes into play mostly through roleplaying. Being equal to or greater than my partner in the hunting aspect but still submitting at the end is a delicate balance that when done right is super great.


Anyway, wonky mobile app or otherwise, it kind of goes along with my whole thing for unlikely dominants (small dom/big sub, when a mild, well mannered person ends up being a hard dom, etc). Dunno if your partner is similar, but I like to be earned, and one such rp is the idea of hunting together for a common target. Or... when what I assume to be prey turns the tables at the last minute.


99% prey but 98% brat and switch (56% hunter) here, maybe like @MalkavianChildre said it's more two alphas in a scene but the sub is more likely to submit first?

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