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Over the Edge: a short story

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She bit into the cloth of the green bandana he had used for the gag and let out what was supposed to be a moan of pleasure. The sound came out more like a desperate grunt from her aching belly.

He had been giving her this sweet *** for over forty minutes and she was losing her composure. She knew that the more desperate she got for release, he would only prolong the agony. And she adored him for it.

His soft lips and warm tongue were at her nipples now. They were standing fully erect for him and he teased at them whith his teeth. The tiny little squeel she made as she strained at the ropes over her head, made him chuckle in amusement. 

As he pulled away from her left nipple with a tiny popping sound he asked, "What's wrong,  Kitten? Do you want me to stop?" 

A hard panting erupted through the gag as she shook her head violently,  causing him to smile wickedly at her. "Am I doing it wrong, pet? Should I let you rest and then begin again?"

Another violent head shake as tears of desperation filled her eyes. "Alright, Kitten,  I'll stop teasing now."

He knelt at her feet as she looked down at his blue eyes. She felt nervous,  self conscious, overly aware that she should be at his feet. But he only smiled. "A good Master is not afraid to serve when it is needed, pet. You need me right now, yes?"

She could only manage a muffled, "mmmhhmmmm," as her wet eyes began to drip.

"Are you desperate for me, pet?" He kissed her bellybutton gently and she let out a quivering sigh.

"And do you love me?" He kissed each foot gently. She erupted in a sob that was a swirling mass of love, need, ***, and...hope.

"That is all I needed to hear, Kitten." Gently, he lifted each leg and placed it over each shoulder. She swayed on the ropes as he made certain not to strain her arms, placing a hand under each buttock and supporting her weight with his arms. 

He pulled her to him and took her clitoris gently at first. Beginning slow, clockwise circles. Each gasp and moan brought a new drip of wetness glistening from her center. He was hungry for her and it was time to give her what they both needed.

He plunged into her, wetting his entire face as she cried out through the gag. His tongue dipped hungrily inside her again and again. He knew she was ready. He bore down, pinching her sore, swollen clit between his lips and suckling like a hungry infant.

A muffled scream erupted as a flood of her unbridled joy washed over him. He savored her,  bathed in her. She was his now...and he was hers. 

Standing, he smiled as he lifted her from the hook and sat her gently on the bed. He loosened the bandana letting it fall around her neck. "You seem to have made a mess, pet. You do know youll have to be punished for spilling on my favorite shirt, right?"

She lay back on the bed with a prolonged, quivering whisper of "Yes, Master," that held the remnants of her orgasm.  

He smiled and caressed her belly. "Good girl."


Thank you Leisa. More to come.

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Thank You Masterswitch1971 for a wonderful story.

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Thank you for the encouragement.  I'll post more this week.

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