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Break day?

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It’s EmDomme again... question: what is everyone’s thoughts on a “break day”?. I’m in a 24/7 FLR.
We have been using the our home app to track points, and claimed rewards for certain tasks.
My sub got upset today because of our kids, and immediately wanted a break day because he was frustrated.
I’m not against break days.... but I also think it screws up the relationship dynamic to some extent.
A break day for us would basically just mean he doesn’t have to follow my directives, but he still can’t jerk off or anything like that. Basically it’s just he gets to have a relaxing day and do what he wants. He wouldn’t have to do tasks or chores, if he didn’t want to. 
Should these days scheduled? Should he have to use points to get these days? I don’t necessarily like the words “break day”. I feel like it strips the power away from me in a sense. 

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Potentially you could use these break days as a reward? Some Lords and Ladys in the days of ye olde England used to serve the servants on special days such as their servants birthdays.


Interesting question, I think its a matter of personal preference... Perhaps ask you sub if this is what he would like? One day off during the week to take time for himself? No harm done in my opinion... But it all depends on an agreement set between you and him ☺ x


I'll second Hexy's well said sentiment. I'm only an auntie and dang, kids can be stressful. I personally don't feel like it takes any power away from me to be interested in the needs of my subs. We're still just mammals with survival-based biological systems, after all. Sometimes a little daily mental recharge goes a long way.


They're your children, perhaps it's in their interest for him to have a break day. If he's frustrated he might pass that frustration on to your children. I hope you spare them being marked and recorded in the pursuit of your satisfaction and lust for power.


I like the idea of he earning a break day you granting him a break day but I think he has to request one and you can deny it


I agree with @BroodyJudy, it doesn't necessarily strip away your power to allow him to have a mental health break. I would actually argue it falls under your "duties" as a Domme and therefore is just another way of you looking after your sub. Part of the idea of power can be mentality so maybe framing it that way might seem like you're not giving in to his demands but rather being a good Domme. I think it's important to remember that your dynamic can be fluid. It doesn't have to follow the same pattern forever. Sometimes you might need a break from it and other times he might. It's okay. We're people first and sometimes we just get burnt out. A different option would be doing "light" days peppered in, where there are still expectations but it's only one or two versus the number on a normal day. This way you're still determining his schedule but also allowing him some relief he might need. A 24/7 dynamic can be draining, so just keep communicating and know you can make it your own and what works for you.


Good luck!



I think that's okay and actually a good idea you can't be constantly under the thumb

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