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Photos showing horizontal


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I have uploaded photos but they all seem to be at a funny angle (like they have fallen down) Ive opened the photos and uploaded them from 3 separate devices (including my work phone and laptop so lets hope no-one is looking at what I do with that kit ;) ) bur they all seem wrong.

Is there a way to flip/rotate photos once they have been uploaded?



Hi there, if you go to the image, click on it so it's full size, then select settings you should be able to turn it round to what you want it to be! Let me know if you need any more help. 


 Thanks I sorted it! I ended up copying the photos to my computer then saving them to a local drive before uploading. This seemed to work but I have no idea why (and shamefully I work in IT lol) 


anyway thanks for the advice I will remember that for the next batch of kinky photos I upload



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