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A Sunday muse.

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Kink is no harder a world to move around in than vanilla, in some ways it's actually easier once you find your feet. The values are different, much less emphasis placed on what you drive, your looks or clothes, your career amongst other things. Yes of course it's still there but many generally look for something else when walking these darker paths, something honest. Most look for the twists we carry, how we carry them and do we carry them well. Do we let those kinks within us change the fundamental human beings we are, do we let those cravings we must satisfy alter our perception of self and others? Basically do we still have our feet on the ground and are we sane? 


Now to that point is anyone sane, truly sane anymore? I'm not so sure as I believe most of us carry our own issues in our own way but again do we carry those issues well, do we understand our own flaws, our own foibles and nuances? We look at so much more than the outside of another when we seek, as we search for something darker.


Of course a new soul who steps through the dark doorway may feel nerves, maybe slightly intimidated. Heads full of tales reamed from the net, facts maybe not fully understood. Tales of dark sadism, protocols, hierarchy and rules. Yes there are exactly those things should you choose a traditional path as you explore the darker world yet those very same rules and protocols again are really not that hard to understand or learn. For me from what I see a key one is manners, not that different from vanilla again really is it and again the manners I see here shame vanilla for what it really is. The honesty shown by many, brutal at times breeds connection, makes it so much easier to make friends should you wish. People all over the world who you will probably never meet yet connections do build, you can feel them in your gut. The honesty and again the manners cause this, a willingness to say "this is what I am" knowing all you will receive is support from others who truly do get that you like them carry a twist. You may not understand their twist as they may not fully understand yours but those shared twists do bond. A shared knowledge of deviance draws us together and does if you wish to try a little, create friendship. You need not follow their ways should you wish, you can follow your own path yet friendship and connection will still be there, on offer unlike vanilla where if certain rules are not followed you are out. Shunned, cast aside as you struggle to follow their brainwashing and how a "decent" human being should behave. Acceptance in kink is so much easier to find and with that others who you fit with.


Many it seems from what I see share a similar path, isolation, confusion and unhappiness. A life spent hiding the truth first to self, denial of the twists that dwell within, *** of will surely enough to banish these "wrong" feeling we carry. That is a battle I believe can never be won and the harder we fight the harder it becomes.


We try so so hard to fit, to be what they are yet as the years roll by the fight becomes harder and the fog slowly clears, the truth of self slowly being accepted. The reflection in the mirror a different one and ever evolving as time rolls by. The urges and cravings become stronger and demand satisfaction, scream from within a darker path but again that path is not so difficult one to walk with manners, and a little respect for other human beings 😊


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