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Private Rightless on Parade...


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Private Cecil was quite a nice guy at heart.  And his Commanding Officer Corporal Flagella, always gave him most of the easier duties owing to his rather fragile looking frame, unless she had one of her bad days, that was.

She, and her fellow officers, along with many of the other Privates of Cecil's barrack Dormitory, often wondered how he came to be recruited into the Army.

Everybody knew the Armed  ***s had a recruitment problem, but Private Cecil took the biscuit.....quite literally sometimes.....from between Corporal Flagella's ample legs with his tongue.

She often made him do this as a punishment for minor disobediences, such as failing to shine her black knee high boots until they looked like ebony glass.

It was very rare to find Private Cecil on the parade ground, marching with the other soldiers, as the other recruits would often trip him up, quite mercilessly in fact, until he laid face down, sprawled out like a starfish on the hard tarmac.

So Corporal Flagella, rather than have him marching with the others, she would often have him marching on his own around the parade ground without his Khaki trousers on, and with a bucket over his head.  As a result of this punishment, he often would knock into various objects, sending him sprawling repeatedly.

Despite all this,  Private Cecil never complained.  In fact,there are times he would take a certain amount of enjoyment from it: owing to the fact that if he completed these ***s well, he had the pleasure of retrieving biscuits firmly  wedged in the juicy pussy of his Commanding officer, Corporal Flagella., with his tongue.

"Better than tea and biscuits isn't it Private," barked Flagella's voice, as she rammed his head into the soft juicy Bush between her legs.

Private Cecil gazed up at the harsh expression of the Corporal's face.  "May I get up?  I wanted to ask you a favour Officer,"  he asked meekly.

Corporal Flagella allowed Private Cecil to get to his feet.  " So what is it soldier," she asked contemptedly.

"With your permission, I would like to take some leave," Cecil asked meekly.

At that request, the Corporals face grew red with anger.  

"What,"  she thundered.  "You want me to grant you leave?"   At that Corporal Flagella whipped the glasses off Private Cecil's face, and threw them to the floor, crushing his only pair of glasses beneath the heel of her black shiny boot.

Then Flagella grabbed her belt from around her waist, and rolled it around her hand.  Then she ordered him to remove his uniform and underwear.  He complied, and stood naked before her, waiting for the feel of her Belt on his backside.

She swung the belt at his arse, and he winced, as the sting took him by surprise.  Then she swung her belt again , this time in between his legs, and this time he let out a howl, yet his cock was growing stiff at the feel of the belt and her leather gloved hands probing and groping his backside 

"You wont be going anywhere Private," she announced with a sarcastic tone in his voice. 

"Is your memory that short Private,?"  You are here because you have nowhere else to go back to.  The Court sent you here didnt they for repeated anti social behaviour and vandalism.  And they took most of your rights away."

"Well Private, I am about to take the rest of them away.  From here on, you have no rights in my presence.  Consider yourself Rightless soldier.  Or maybe I should re- christen you, Private Rightless, just to remind you of your lowly position in the ranks."

At that Private Cecil sank to the floor in utter abandonment and surrender.  

"Now suck my pussy," she commanded, drawing Cecil's head closer with the belt.

Private Cecil complied, knowing there was no way out or no escape from the demands of Corporal Flagella.




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