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my favorite time in latex panties

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Just in a mood to confess. Hope this amuses someone.

Back when I was thin enough for them, I had a pair of black latex panties.

My favorite memory of them was the time I wore them under a skirted business suit to up my self-confidence talking to a legislative committee. It wasn't unusual for me to up my underdressing to feel better about myself when facing a potentially difficult day, but I was so scared that day that I felt the need to go bigger. I felt so deliciously naughty wearing fetish clothes under the noses of some legislators I knew to be prudes. It was so empowering, and I was able to acquit myself well before the committee and give my latex panties some of the credit for it.

That experience alone made purchasing the panties worth it.


Thank you for reminding me. (No sarchasm.) I've built up a lot of "Thats Naughty"s over the years, benefit of age. We just need an "Incredible!" and I can pass Go and collect an orgasm.


Its great how 1 piece of underwear boosted your confidence 👍
I love my latex panties/knickers, great for holding my vibrating butt plug in place. Maybe one day I’ll venture out of the house with it in an them on....

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He he 🤓 so you can't latex etc in your size anymore Or you get too hot wearing artificial fabrics because of being larger sized?!? 🤔

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