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Genital Piercings? yes or no?

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So today i got my Jacobs ladder and the idea seems to scare many guys away that i develop feelings for. i think it looks amazing but i wondered what the Fetish.com community's opinions on this matter?

I know a few who had a Prince Albert with their Chastity and 1 out of 10 ended up in the Emergency Room caused by Kink related enthusiasm of the person giving to them. So personally some look intriguing and as long as they are clean no problem. However it is the accidental tug too much that puts off some so find a mutually compatible person for you to share your genital piercings with is my advice.
I'm not keen on piercings or tats to be honest but its your body your choice.

This is a item that I keep researching and coming back too, I already have some beads and looking to get more done, I have looked into a Jacobs ladder and other genital piercings...the main issues that I have come across or concerned with are:

  1. Avoiding Infections.
  2. Changing how you interact with your partner.

I'll be honest, I hope this thread develops further as it would be good to get more information, mainly because the feed-back on other sites are more YES/NO with vague comments or replies. Hopefully, others will add and share in more detail on safety tips, what changes really needed to be made and experiences as a giver and receiver...

Comparing beadings and piercings...I get the impression that beading heals faster, but I do want to get more info before my cock looks like a corn-on-the-cob or naked cenobite.

Have to admit it, the Jacobs ladder does look cool...

I find piercings to be a nice thing to look at and admire. Taking care of them is relatively easy as long as you maintain good hygene and make sure you get them from a reputable place which use sterile equipment. And i with the chastity problem i may need to buy a new one made of silicone as my one is made of steel and could cause problems with snags and maybe worse
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Labia and clitoral piercings are extremely erotic.  Especially multiple rings:)

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I have a Prince Albert and enjoy it very much. 

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Would love someone to give me a Prince Albert knowing I am a panty wearing sub cd 

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I have a Prince Albert i love to use as a weight hanger for kinky play. I thouroughly enjoy using an estim sparkler and i anchor it in with that hole.

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