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Tease & denial


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I tease & squeeze your breasts & nipples while your head bobs up and down on my cock, hungrily swallowing every inch of me, sliding it in and down your throat... you crave the taste of my cum but you're not going to get it yet... besides, your ass is already stuffed with a buttplug, but your pussy is empty and needs to be filled... it aches to be filled with my throbbing cock and fucked deep & hard...

So I pull out of your mouth and quickly press a ballgag between your lips, buckling it tightly around the back of your neck... I bind your hands together and then tie them to the bed frame behind your head, exposing your breasts & nipples even more to me... I spread your legs and tie them apart too, taking a few moments to gaze at your dripping wet naked pussy and plugged asshole, which are a pleasure to behold... I pull and push on the plug a little and you emit muffled moans around the gag as you squirm with pleasure...

I turn my attention to your hungry cunt, dipping two fingers inside you to wet them with your juices before stroking your clit gently at first, then pressing harder, moving faster, making you squirm & moan again... I lean in to taste you with my tongue and lap at your juicy cunt for a few minutes and it's clear you're getting close to cumming... so I stop, because I want to feel your pussy pulsate around my cock as you cum from me fucking you, and I know that I could make you cum in seconds if I teased your clit as I fucked you, but I want to take my time, I want your lust and anticipation to build as I fuck you, the thrusts of my cock inside you being the only stimulation you can feel, slowly taking you closer and closer to orgasm, you're going to have to wait, but I promise the eventual orgasm will blow your mind and you'll forgive me for denying you release for so long...

Well that was the tease... teasing you... and if you're wondering what happens next, well that's the denial... let your imagination continue the tale... and share your filthy thoughts with me if you dare... 😈


WOW this story is very hypnotic and arousing at the same time.

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