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Waking Sir

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(One from the archives for distraction from my melancholy) 

She lay next to him watching him sleep. He had given her strict instructions not to wake him, not even pleasantly with the soft warmth of her mouth.


Last time she had woken him she had managed to talk her way out of it. Well not talking so much but putting her mouth to use in a way only she knew how. It was his weakness. 


When he had grabbed her hair and pulled her up towards him his groin had throbbed so hard against his will that he had no choice but to let her continue. He told her he would think of a suitable punishment later as he eased himself into the leather chair at the side of the bed and placed her collar around her neck and commanded her to kneel. She bowed her head, thrilled at being able to please him and get his attention so early in the morning.


Of course he knew he could not let her get away with disobeying him. He reminded her everyday that her punishment would come.


She had thought it was a gift when he presented her the package. He grinned menacingly at her face when she opened the set of butt plugs. He knew anal was off limits.


This is not anal he told her. It's your punishment. You will start with the small plug and will wear it for 24 hours and then I will insert a larger one each day. You must not remove it. You must wear it shopping, to work, out with friends, if I please you, if I spank you. Do you understand?


Yes master , she whispered feeling uncertain and annoyed that she had played into his hands with her disobedience.


He seemed to enjoy the morning ceremony of her presenting her bottom to him each day. She had helped and squirmed each time. But by then end of each day her anus grew more inviting.


Of course he would spank her at each ceremony. But he knew she liked that. 


He had reminded her each day that if she woke him again it would not be a plug in her bottom.


She had seemed to accept the consequence . So he hoped she would be ready soon. He knew how restless she was in the mornings.


So she lay restless once more, watching him sleep. She could feel the largest of the plugs filling up the space inside her anus. If anything it had made her more needy. She wanted to rub and be played with more than ever. 


And each time he had removed it, she felt a relief when he inserted the next plug into her.


Her hands had drifted to her clit and began to rub without her realising. She stopped herself hoping he had not noticed....


This is the experience I'm sharing at the moment it's very exciting 😊

Just now, MissCrystal said:

Well...did he notice???

Oh I never finished it... story of my life lol 

4 minutes ago, MissCrystal said:

Please continue the story 💙

Maybe tomorrow 

3 minutes ago, MissCrystal said:

Im wondering if im creative enough to add...im going to try and imagine the next part for you...

Yes I’d love that... I’d love to collaborate 😊

24 minutes ago, MissCrystal said:

Im wondering if im creative enough to add...im going to try and imagine the next part for you...

Can’t wait to read that then

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