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Good morning sir

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I stir in bed, feeling content, and sore from lasts night play session. I can feel the bruises which will start to appear soon.
I stretch and roll over towards you and open my eyes.
I watch you sleeping, lying on your back. You look so peaceful. A far cry from the dark dom who controlled me the night before. I smile at the memories and moan gently to myself as they make me horny again. A wicked thought enters my head.
I slowly move down the bed, pulling the covers with me, watching you as I do.
I gently move your ankle so I can move inbetween your legs and hold my breath, trying not to stir you. You don't even flinch. I smile to myself, very grateful you're a heavy sleeper. Bending down I kiss your cock, eyes looking up for a reaction. Nothing. Again I smile. My plan is working.
I gently take your cock in my hand and begin to stroke you, your body responding to my touch. As you get harder I lower my head and gently start to suck, my eyes watching you all the time. My tongue flicking over the tip of you. I feel you stir and mumble 'slut' before smiling.
Taking you out my mouth i lazily trace my tongue around your cock whilst stroking you at the same time. your precum starting to form and glisten in the morning sun. I know my mouth skills are working. I lick away your precum and moan to myself. I love the taste of you. My own personal drug i can't get enough of.
Lowering my head as you get to full length I take you all in my mouth, making myself gag on you. I feel your hand go to my hair and I lift my head to look at you, your eyes are still closed. I do it again, my bottom lip touching your balls as I hold my head in place, fighting the urge to gag and using my tongue to play with your cock.
'Fuck slut' I hear you mumble, both hands in my hair now. You lift my head slightly and then push it down again. I take your cue and start to bob my head, sucking harder and harder on you. I hear you moan and tense up as you grab my hair pulling my head completely off you, your cum shooting out onto my tits and face. I kneel up so you can watch me scoop your load and lick my fingers clean. The remaining cum on my tits being massaged into myself.
'Good morning sir' I say with a smile
A beautiful read as I wake up... Pleased I arose early enough!
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