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Munch Notes/Agenda - All I want for Kinkmas - 3rd December 2020


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Munch Notes/Agenda  -   All I want for Kinkmas - 3rd December 2020


Host: @PixieDust

Content contributors  @PixieDust @lil-monster


Welcome everyone to our “All I want for Kinkmas munch, we are glad to have you join us.  This Kinkmas we imagine it will be very different to most as many of us are still in some form of lockdown but we do hope everyone has wonderful and safe Kinkmas and enjoys the best way they can.


So who here has already started their Xmas shopping whether it be vanilla or Kinky?  Are you planning to hit the shops that are open or shop purely online?

  • Have you considered the postal delays?
  • Low Stock


Where is your favourite place to shop for Kinky gifts? Can you recommend some places for our other members? Where do you go for you best purchases and bargains?

  • Lovehoney
  • Esty
  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Libidex
  • Bondara
  • Uberkinky
  • Honour
  • Ann summers


Are you a savvy shopper? Do you shop around for your Kinky goodies or just grab the first item you see? 


Do you accumulate points with your purchases? And then make the points work for you later with other purchases?

  • Do you price match?
  • Look for discount vouchers online?
  • How much do you really want to spend? 


What are some of the biggest mistakes kinksters make when purchasing gifts for other kinksters?


  • Forgetting to check size
  • Not getting measurements for equipment as an example
  • Buying from dodgy stores
  • Not budgeting and overspending


What are some Kinky gifts you can give to other Kinkster?


  • Lingerie/underwear
  • Toys -  paddles, whips, floggers, rope handcuffs
  • Toys – vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, mouth gags, cock rings, battery operated egg, Wifi App toys
  • Sensual – Candles, masks, hoods, massage oil
  • Subscriptions to fetish.com or any other magazine etc
  • Latex, Leather, Vinyl, Rubber
  • Corsets
  • Personalised gift vouchers
  • Erotica and BDSM Books
  • A new collar
  • Special piece of jewellery
  • For littles: New fluffy/plushie, new dummy, new sippy cup, new blankie
  • For pets: New collar, new play toy, new bowel, new leash
  • For sissies -  new lippy, makeup, nail polish, something girly, new dress
  • Ticket to a kinky event after lockdown
  • Novelty gifts – Apron with naked body on it, Silly Penis toys – like a wind up pecker or Breast shaped things, perhaps a jello mould, kinky icecube trays
  • Edible clothing – Gstrings/Thongs, Bras
  • Advent calendar – create your own a little kinky gift each day, then a big one on Christmas Day


What are some good kinky gifts to give to a Dom/me or a sub?



What' are some of the worst kinky/non kinky gifts that you've have received?



On the flipside was are some of the best kinky/non kinky gifts that you have received?



Do you like to give more than receive?



Do you actually like buying kink for your OH for Christmas or do you have that notion that it's stuff you can anytime for them?



Would you return a kinky gift your OH bought you if you really didn’t like it or would you suck it up and just say you like as not to hurt their feelings? Would you regift that gift if you didn’t like it?



What fun things do you like to do with your OH during Kinkmas? Do you plan anything special?



Have you thought about creating a fun Kinkmas night leading up to Christmas day?

  • Making each other as a food platter where you eat off each other, so your body is the platter
  • Sensations night:  Blindfold, toys, different foods and textures, to entice but also spice it up with foods they don’t like, add the play factor in between
  • Food examples:  Cream, jelly, custard, chocolate, peaches, strawberries, g***s or some chilli for a bit of spice. the list is endless of the foods you could use
  • Aphrodisiacs Teas 


If you had one wish for this Kinkmas what would be?


Thank you all for joining in our Kinkmas munch.



From both myself @PixieDustand @lil-monsterHappy Kinkmas to all and Ho! Ho! Ho! 🎄🎅🎄




This kinkmas we just found out we are going to have the place tho ourselves!!! No kids nonvisitors except.... Love the topic it is unfortunate that we just found out the youngest and last is going out of town.! We have no shops less than an hour away 😑 wanted to get him something for his home office a mountable male masterbater they have some really quiet. But effective ones. I know he's been hinting around about getting me a strap on . And hopefully a new corsett and I need a new swing. We are already finding hopefully the perfect holiday spread so to speak . If there is anyone who is in my area that sales toys and lingere please lmk. I can't wait until sunday. Let the week before kinkmass be the kinkiest. Again thanks for the topic and have great holiday! 🎄🙈🎁🙉🎁🙊🎄

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