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Munch Notes/Agenda -  Love, Respect and Body Positivity – 6th August 2020


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*Backdated munch notes/agenda - please feel free to answer questions or leave comments


Munch Notes/Agenda -  Love, Respect and Body Positivity – 6th August 2020


Host:        little_dark_princess

Content:   little_dark_princess


1. Can we truly ever be 100% happy with our self-image?


2. Is self-image important in BDSM?


3. Can you click with each other on the deepest level and then it be ruined by a simple picture?


4. Is it better to pic exchange first or talk first?


5. Is it ever acceptable to push your ideals onto another person?


6. How do we feel about the 🌟 system? Is it fair? Out-dated?


7. Do you spend time perfecting your pictures or are you a ‘take me as you find me type?’


8. Should pictures have a ‘filter disclaimer?’


9. Do we feel catfishing is still a huge problem or have we gotten cleverer?


10. Why do we feel some people think it is their right to comment on a person’s image?


11. Are the categories outdated?? Can you feel slim, but others feel you’re not? Cubby and others think your fat?


12. How do you feel it is best to react to body shaming? Confront... ignore?


13. When did we as a community become obsessed with image?


14. Can it change, do we want change?


15. If we happily accept the compliments is it fair to say we must accept the criticism?


16. Are you on the other end of the spectrum, do you love your body?


17. Do you have a fetish against the ‘norm’, do you love a BBW? or man?


18. Regardless of others do you love and respect yourself enough to ignore criticism?


19. Can body positivity be taught?


20. Do YOU love yourself more or less after this Munch?


21. Any further questions or insights? 



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