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My Day Started Bad Part 2


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There she was in a short flowy skirt with a blouse on that was too tight and she couldn't button it all the way. Her cleavage was showing, and most of her fetish gear was out in plain sight. She was mortified, she just new he thought poorly of her now. She was trying to think of something to say, when he set his toolbox down, opened it, and reached for something in the bottom. As he did he said that he had recently gotten something new, but hadn't found anyone that wanted it. He asked if she might like to give it a try as he pulled it out. Out came an obviously new paddle, good sized, with the word slut engraved in mirror image. Her heart beat jumped, and she felt it start thumping hard in her chest. Her breathing caught for a moment, then came back a little ragged and heavy. Her eyes got wide and were locked on it for several seconds. Then she remembered that he was right there and saw every bit of it.
She couldn't speak, she so very much wanted to say yes. She stood there immobile for a few seconds, and he gave out a laugh with an edge to it. He asked her to turn around, bend over, and put her hands on the bed. But his tone wasn't asking, it was telling her to do it. Her mind was locked up with shock, but her body knew what to do. She found herself doing exactly that, making sure her legs were just more than shoulder width apart, and her ass was well presented. What was she doing with a guy she barely knew?
He stepped up behind her, and flipped her skirt up onto her back. She hissed, but didn't move. Then he grabbed her panties, and pulled them down, leaving them hanging at her knees. She knew she was completely exposed to him, but all she felt was.....anticipation. he moved to the side, and then SMACK. She let out an almost primal groan. He had struck her solidly on one cheek, the strike jarring through her. Her old desires and needs, that for do long had been just below the surface, came out greedily for a breath of air. After a few seconds, SMACK. Another powerful blow to the other cheek. She heard a voice say yessss, and realized it was her voice. She heard him ask where her phone was. He got it and told her to open the camera. He took it from her after, and she heard the camera click. He came up beside her and showed her a picture he had taken of her. It showed everything. Her in position, her panties at her knees, her skirt pulled up, her glistening pussy, her asshole, and both cheeks, each with the word slut now tagged on them from the paddle.
She was crazy and she knew it. She felt a hand touch her cheeks and start stroking them. A soft sound of pleasure came out, and she pressed against that hand. She heard him ask if he should continue. Finally her voice answered her brain. Shakily, and softly, she said please.

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