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What would we do without the exciting BDSM-style erotica that ladies such as Cara Sutra, Kayla Lords, Girl on the Net and Molly Moore write online? There’s nothing better than reading a sensual piece that touches you deep inside. These sex bloggers often provide the backstories to our deepest darkest fantasies. Whether you like to melt slowly over the details of an alluring build-up that mulls over every little touch, every little breath… or maybe you enjoy hard, fast and to the point - inevitably, you’re always left longing for more.




Cara Sutra is an award-winning sex-blogger, writer, mistress and professional sex toy reviewer. She often writes on her blog in a diary format meaning you really feel like you’re getting an exclusive insight into her very naughty sexual escapades.

Kayla Lords has a very sexy way of putting the ideas in her head into words. She mostly writes about sub/dom fantasies and runs a weekly meme called Masturbation Monday where don’t have to write about masturbation necessarily but the goal is to make the reader so turned on that they can’t help themselves.

Girl on the Net is an anonymous blogger who, apart from her name and face, reveals everything. There’s are lists of the girls and boys she’s ‘had’, a section that’s bound to drive you wild called ‘Filthy ones’ and so many more things that you could literally spend the whole day (and night!) reading - amongst other activities.

Molly Moore takes it one step further, not only does she write tantalizing texts, she also has an extensive collection of erotic photography, both uploaded by her and her devoted readers. How? She does countless photofests, contests and projects - like the ‘Pussy Pride Project’. We’re not going to tell you about it, go look for yourselves on Molly's Daily Kiss...


What do you think about them and the work they do? Who else do YOU consider an inspiring woman who embodies the values of our BDSM community?

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