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Lockdown Desires for my machine...


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Oh how corona has affected life...
Causing nothing but strife for my sex life!!!

I purchased my sex machine last year... I guess to tide me over during this hard time and trust me it was a very wise investment.

But lately... I wish I could have more fun with it...

Would love to use it on a female playmate...

Hopefully one day soon aye.....

How is everyone else managing through lockdown???


I’m relieving myself everyday,mostly before bed . Sometimes I watch bdsm porn but most of the time I use my imagination and memory of happier times. Unfortunately not having the human touch and interaction is hard going and it worries me that people are still risking lives by meeting and playing with strangers.I’ve not had any real time fun since October and I know that we are going to have to wait sometime before it’s safe to do so. 😩


I was masturbating before bedtime every night with my wand. I’ve cut it down to once every 10 days as I noticed it was getting harder to achieve orgasm and my clit would go numb.


I’ve been doing the same. Watching porn and relieving myself but I miss human touch so much! Can’t wait until everything is safe to have fun and play again!!

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