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Mistress and Slave - Discipline and Control....


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Woke up feeling very refreshed and full of energy…. I knew today was going to be a busy day…not for me, you understand…but for my darling slave!

Whilst I took a long hot shower and took time out to pamper myself, slave was running around doing his errands for me, getting the shopping in, doing the front garden, which meant shoveling 2 tons of gravel and lastly working on the website. I decided to leave him to it and went out for a few hours.

By the time I had arrived back home, he was just finishing off the garden, and the sweat was pouring off his body…he really did look tired…but I forbade him to shower. I just adore a man who works up a sweat…the smell really turns me on. I allowed him a glass of water, which he drank greedily…then I leant forward and held him, and breathed deeply in around his face, neck and shoulders, his shirt was soaking, but the smell was getting me all worked up and I could feel the familiar tingle in my pussy, as the *** started to fill my ‘lips’….

Knowing that he was having this affect on me excited him also, and his shorts started jutting out in the front. I held him more tightly and squeezed his buttocks so that he was pressed real close into me. I gyrated my hips hard against him, all the time smelling him, his aroma was so intoxicating, and I felt lightheaded. I kissed him deeply, tasting the salt from around his mouth, and held him in my mouth for what seemed like 5 minutes…it was full on!!

My slave was getting more and more excited, and began pressing himself and groping me, feeling the curves of my luscious breasts and kissing my neck and face…my poor boy!. I released him and abruptly said, ‘That’s enough for now’ and promptly walked away, leaving my slave all worked up and with a huge erection straining at his shorts!

‘When you’ve tidied up all the garden tools, then you can start on the website…OK?  And with that I walked upstairs to change.

As the hours passed away I became unsettled and bored, I could hear my slave tapping away on the keyboard…and wished that he would come down and entertain me. To relieve the boredom, I cooked him a ‘thankyou’ dinner, for all his hard work. I cooked his favourite pasta dish, which he wolfed down! He was definitely ravenous…and so was I!!!!!.

We lay down on the settee, idly chatting about something and nothing…when slave turned to kiss me…I responded quite lovingly. He moved off the couch and knelt himself before me…and I lifted my legs up onto his shoulders….I could see the look of worry appear on his face, as he realised that he had engaged his head between my strong muscled thighs.

In seconds I had squeezed really hard and could see his face scrunched up and red…I laughed! Before you knew it, we were both on the floor, me pinning his arms down and climbing on top…at first, I would sit on his chest, and I could tell his breathing became laboured. I would playfully jump up & down, whilst he tried to catch his breath.

Without warning, I would release him, only to have him on his knees once more, with his arms pulled behind him and him begging me to stop!! I would only stop when his cries became louder. In fact, the more he struggled and cried, the more I was getting turned on.

I managed to pull him down onto the floor again, on his back and I straddled his neck!

His arms were securely pinned down with the weight of my chunky calves…he taunted me with a look that said, ‘yeah, is that it…is that all you’re going to do?’ so I inched up towards his face, and I was completely smothering his nose and mouth. He literally was eating pussy!

His eyes took on a dreamy look, and as I was pulling away, he smiled contently. ‘I can smell you…you are so horny, and turned on’…he wasn’t wrong!

For a good hour we wrestled on the floor working up a sweat between us, him even more so…after all the work he did in the morning and now all this. The smell from him was overpowering me, it seemed to drive me on. I loved every minute of it, as the adrenaline flowed through our veins.

We pulled away, breathless and laughing. It was a great feeling, and I felt satisfied! As did he.

Slave then went off to run a bath, as he had truly worked up more of a sweat with me, than when he was doing the garden.

After a long soak, we both felt refreshed, and I asked slave to ‘shave me’. His eyes lit up. He loved doing this for me. He turned me over in the bath, so that my arse was pointing in his direction, and somehow he got in and straddled me, to get the best vantage point.

He smoothed the shaving gel over my arse and my pussy. His hands glided over my sensitive areas, and made me shudder with delight!

He set about shaving the fine hair around my anus; I could immediately feel the smoothness right away as he fingered in and around the tight hole! Then, he delicately shaved the finer hairs surrounding my lips, this tickled me so much, that I set about laughing and squirming!

To which slave held onto me even tighter, I felt like a sheep ready for shearing!

Afterwards, when he had completed his task, he stood me up and wiped away the excess foam from my lower body. His eyes lit up like an excited child, he was totally in awe of me standing proud with my shaven haven exposed. He asked me if he could worship my pussy now, and I could see his arousal instantly. I readily agreed, after all he had been such a good boy today, and had pleased me immensely.

He led me towards the bed and lay me down, and spread my legs wide apart. He knelt down in-between me, and began licking ever so gently up and down, parting my labia so that he could probe deep in my now moist hole. I could hear him groaning with pleasure as he kissed, nibbled and sucked at my clit and lips. I was getting wetter by the second, I was literally soaking, and his face was smothered in wet pussy juice at this stage too.

I looked down at my slave and pressed his head deeper into me, I wanted him to swallow me whole, lap up all my juices…he worshipped my pussy for a good 20mins…and left me totally exhausted with pleasure. Slave then asked if he could cum now, to which I said ‘of course’. He knelt up and began stroking his cock, slowly at first, but as I began playing with myself I could see him move his hand faster, his breathing became quicker, and I knew this was turning him on, Slave has a thing for ***ted red nails, so I played with myself even more, making sure he could see the redness parting my pink full lips!!

He pulled faster and faster, his body was shuddering…I could sense his orgasm nearing, “Come on” I whispered..” Come on” , I knew that hearing these words would make him cum…I whispered it again, and placed my foot onto his shoulder so that he got a better view of my cunt open wide…that was it for him, he cried out as he pumped all his hot lovely cream all over my shaven pussy, which I rubbed lovingly into my skin. Hmmm.



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