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Needle play


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I'm new to needle play I need some tips and caveats.Would someone give an inexperienced Dom some tip


The best tip is to try and find an event that is holding a needle play session, or someone with experience (dom or sub).

Also read up on the subject in detail, and practice on yourself before another human, unless they have significant needle play experience and can guide you.


You will also need to dispose of the used needles, so will need to aquire a sharpes bin, most likely.you cant dispose of them in the normal rubbish so need to find somewhere that takes medical waste.

Then theres the whole saftey around disinfection and personal protection to prevent *** bourne pathagens being spread.

You probably also want to learn where arteries and veins.are close to the surface so you dont accidentally nick one and cause problems.

Given that needles are only used once consider the costs, also what size gauge of needle do you need to use.


Without being rude I noticed your age. Are you fit for that kind of play? Good eyesight, steady hand? 
i repeat again I dont intend to be rude just making sure you are prepared for this risky kink. 
TheBookCollector mentioned some good tips.

for your first trial choose some part of the body with fatty bits.
Read human nerves map.

Avoid any part where you can see veins. 
Be very cautious with the clean environment issue. 
prepare the scene before hand, first aid box etc... wipe surface if you do it on a table for example. 
but check on Google for needles play ressources.... 


Look up Deborah Addington and her writing, also for this type of play get shown how to do it by someone highly experienced who you can check out, and who has a safe track record engaging in needle play,


Lots of good advice here! eBay has a good selection of different gauge needles. Boxes of 50-100, at very reasonable prices.

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