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Needle play


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Is a member here that can help or maybe someone you know on this site that is into needle play and can help or advice would be greatly appreciated I love the pleasure and *** aspect of it but I have reached my limit on what is ok and what might be harmful 

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needle play - depends on what parts of the body where u want the needles - thru nipples is OK - avoid nerve endings and *** vessels - bones - needles thru the cock shaft OK and ball sac but not the balls themselves 

An article you should read - visit the Informed Consent* website for tips

The sexualization of pin and needles has been part of sexual sado-masochistic practices and is known as ‘needle play’. The Informed Consent website has an article on the practices and notes that:

“Needle play is the practice of inserting needles under the skin of the submissive. Needle play is considered [a form of] Edge Play and care should be taken to follow all appropriate safety precautions when engaging in play in order to avoid *** or infection.

Only use sterile needles approved for medical use, and not reuse them after they have been used. The needle should travel just underneath the surface of the skin, to emerge through the skin a short distance from where it was inserted.

The needle tips have a bevel. With regard to the skin being pierced, the bevel may be up or down (a personal preference). Shallower [equals] More ***, Larger Diameter Needle [equals] More ***. Do not stick needles into internal organs, bones, eyes, etc.

The idea is that the needle should travel just underneath the skin, passing only through skin and the subcutaneous layers just underneath the surface”.

The Informed Consent website makes reference to very specific types of needle play including genital play piercing and nipple piercing. The article claims that those individuals that like “intense nipple play” also like temporary nipple piercing.

The article also notes that:

“The needle can be thrust through the back of the nipple, taking care to include areolar tissue.

An entire rosette of needles can be inserted. This can be dangerous, with potential exchange of bodily fluids and other infection.

Do not pierce wrists, hands, or spines, or near them. In general, piercing near a nerve tract (e.g., near joints); avoid piercing where bones are close to the skin surface.

Waist to shoulders is usually fine, though avoid the armpit and sternum. The primary danger in play piercing is infection. Make sure that the person you are playing with would recognize the signs of infection should they occur”.


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