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Uniform wet and messy


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Hi all I dress up in uniforms for sex but love getting them wet and messy to while having sex the uniforms have to have a large knotted tie or scarf envolved and having them pulled and grabbed tightly arouses me also does any body else have this kink ???

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Yes that does sound fun and even better is loosing control so desperate from eating too much fiber and drinking to much.
WAM is pretty close to the top for me too! Last fall, I to buy 11 cases of silly slime!, Unfortunately, I could find any playmates.
Da near 6 days and nights just me,
At a cabin, way out in woods ! Living out fantasy's and a good thing no won was around to see,
Cause , it was a once in a long time thing, , and I push every part of my body, mind, and spirit to WAM
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