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Munch Notes/Agenda -  Dirty Talk - 23rd September 2021


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Munch Notes/Agenda -  Dirty Talk - 23rd September 2021

Host: @GoodGirl1003

Content Contributor: @GoodGirl1003 @lil-monster @PixieDust


1. Have you ever felt awkward or embarrassed to talk Dirty or have you always felt comfortable with it?


2. Why do you think some people do feel embarrassed or anxious?

  • Shy
  • Berated for it by partners
  • Not taught
  • Not societal norms
  • Not built trust with their partner
  • Lack of experience


3. Do you think older members struggle more or are less confident in delivering or receiving Dirty Talk and if so why?


4. Did your parents react towards swearing in the home?

  • Was your mouth ever washed out with soap for swearing?


5. Are there any particular words you dislike whether speaking, hearing or being called in dirty talk?


6. Do you think that Dirty talk is associated with ***?


7. What makes Dirty Talk sooooooo hot?

  • The words
  • It's against societal decorum, it's naughty
  • Uses the senses, especially when incorporated with touch.
  • Research has shown that those who communicate pleasure during sex are more likely to experience sexual satisfaction than those who do not.


8. What makes it not so hot?


9. What are the benefits of Dirty Talk?

  • Erotic dialogue helps vocalise our fantasies
  • Share our desires 
  • increases sexual connection and trust
  • Sense of freedom to express the things we have been taught to suppress
  • Helps long-distance relationships
  • Increases intimacy
  • Arousal
  • Neuroscience states that our Brains are our most powerful sexual organs and our most receptive erogenous zone.


10. What are the disadvantages?

  • Discomfort in hearing things you are uncomfortable with
  • May turn you off
  • Discover you have totally different fantasies from your partner


11. Why do people *** dirty talk?

  • Freak their partner out
  • New relationship and feel uncomfortable
  • Never been introduced to them
  • They might feel like they may get too carried away
  • They might feel they sound silly
  • Embarrassed


12.  How can you learn to make it less weird?


13.  What would be some phrases you could say before sex?

  • I want you to undress me
  • I want your mouth on me
  • I want to see you play with yourself
  • I want your cock inside me right now
  • You turn me on
  • I want you


14.  What could be some phrases you say during sex?

  • Your cock/pussy feels amazing
  • Your cock feels so big inside me right now
  • I love the way you taste
  • I want you to fuck me from behind
  • Don't stop
  • Look at me
  • Cum for me


15.  Do you think men get turned on quicker by dirty talk than women?


16.  Dirty talk doesn’t have to be just for the bedroom, can you name any other examples?

  • Phone sex
  • Sexting
  • Video calls


17.  Are there different types of dirty talk?

  • erotic talk
  • gross talk
  • love talk
  • naughty talk
  • sexting
  • sexy talk
  • talking dirty


18. Any further questions


A big thank you to our host @GoodGirl1003and to all the members who joined in the discussion. 😊

We would love to hear your own filthy, dirty talk lines,  so please feel free to share.  

An amazing topic to discuss, everyone was so full of chat 💜💜
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