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Talking with your mouth full (Oral and Dirty Talk game for brats, littles and middles)


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Get ready for a silly and challenging game!

We're going to mimic talking with your mouthful (can you guess what it's full of???), and you'll have to figure out what the messy speech is actually trying to say.

You'll be presented with sentences where some words will be obscured by the imaginary XXXX.

Your task is to unravel the sentence and decipher the true words. Be prepared for a wild ride of poppycock and laughter!

Ready to give it a go?

Let's dive right into the game and see if you can keep up with the choking chatter!




"Uth meh."

"Mmmak' meh yo' li'l bratty itc"

"Pl'eeeesh, I wannna tathte it."

"Givve meh every lasht drop."

"I wore thish jush for yooou."

"I don' wan' to feel my faceh aft'r you're done wif meh Dahhddy."

"Degrahde meh. Pret'y pleh-heeeh."

"I wuv your ick."

"I wan' to fall ashleep with you inside my mouf."

"Pul my haihh and slahhp meh."

"Mak' meh cho' on i'."

"Pleash Dffy."




How about you take a moment to digest what you've just read and offer a resounding "thank you"?

Don't forget to savor every word before expressing your gratitude like a good lil sub.

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