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I have been on this site quite a while, but I haven't had much opportunity to talk with other subs and littles.
I have been lucky enough to meet my Daddy through this site, who I am hopelessly in love with, but I would really love to meet other subs and littles that want to make friendships and share knowledge.
Before meeting my Daddy, I had no experience with BDSM whatsoever, I have since been thoroughly educated, but feel I am lacking with regards to platonic friendships within this wonderful world. 
I am not interested in partner swapping or any form of sharing sexually, I just want to speak with others that share a passion for BDSM.
Are there any subs or littles out there that want to chat, that are experienced or completely new to this world? 
What are your stories and experiences of this site and the BDSM scene in general? 


Hi Scarlett, I am a male foot slave in a BDSM dungeon. I've been doing this for years. I think I can say I have some experience in this. Please let me know if you have any questions. :)


one of the best places to find a whole bunch of friends is at a munch - quickest and easiest and a good way to share experiences.

My stories.... are quite long.

A very brief version.

This site....  I was very active when I joined this site.  Initially kind of one of the problems is that I'm a switch and my sub/bottom side is more than catered for (although, not so much recently for assorted problems) but not so much on my Top/Dom.  And that also - the majority of people I spend time with : on either side of the coin : live all over the place and it'd be nicer for someone I could do things with a little more locally.

I've found things haven't really played that way - but, I enjoy the site, it's fairly small and relaxed and while you get the odd idiot there's a load of positive, good, people.

Within the BDSM scene in general.... I run a  munch, I DJ at a local fetish night and have travelled around the UK and Europe filming as a sub/slave.  (Hence that side being more catered for) A lot of this has brought up it's own challenges as well as good experiences.

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littel sub here as well. feel free to msg


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