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Hi, I'm new to the scene but I've only had experience online

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So I'm a bit of an introvert but I met a girl online last year and we clicked. The sub/dom stuff came as a result of us getting really close and trusting each other.

Unfortunately I can't get out much cause of health issues so I'm not sure how to go about meeting a sub which is one reason I joined here. I know there are no shortcuts but I know it's what I want and I want to learn more. 

I read about going to munches and joining Fet but where else should I be looking online cause I'm gonna have start there but any advice for someone new to all this and not really a typical alpha dominant male?


So attend a munch huh? Any other sites I should join like Fet etc? I'm new to this, nervous about it and want to see if it's really for me so what are the first steps? I'd like to meet/talk to people online first.


to meet people online - being on this website is a good place to start.

Read the forums, comment on things you can contribute to or wish to know more about. Get involved in the chat room.

Still appreciate that online relationships are also not easy to slide into.  But as you become more active you'll end up in more conversations and maybe things will happen.

It's not all that different to meeting people out and about.

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I just got into a online relationship with my sub. Im also new to the bdsm scene. This site and fetlife are both really good resources. I met my sub on vanilla umbrella. Im still learning seeing as this is my first dom/sub relationship in my life, online and off. If you need some help feel free to message me. I believe we can learn from one another.
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Sounds good my friend, I might give you a shout sometime. I recently started using Whiplr and signed up to fetlife but haven't gotten any further whilst I figure out what to write on my profile! 

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