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I really miss...

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I really fuckin miss being owned. Like, really miss it. Not just the filthy, kinky fuckery. That's always awesome.

But I miss the connection to another, by an invisible thread. That I can feel, deep in my soul. That I know he feels too.

I miss the acts of service that I do, because I just need to please him. I miss the little things he does, because he cares.

I miss the goofing around and ridiculous laughter. In-jokes.

I miss having my hair played with while we Netflix and chill. I miss giving back rubs because he's had a tough day and his shoulders are tight.

I miss being given a task, because he knows he can and he knows I'll do it, and it pleases him. I miss preempting his needs.

Oh and I miss all the kinky fuckery.

I really fuckin miss being owned.

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