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“ The Hunted” chapter 9 - “The feast of St Sebastian”


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Pholoe was now hurting. Her tongue ached, her jaw now throbbed and her face was plastered with Juno’s lust. Yet still Juno craved more. Pholoe had lost count the number of times that Juno had found her paradise today. Lost count of the times that she had climaxed on her tongue, lost count of the times she had gripped her head between her thighs and screamed with joy. Yet she still demanded more.

Behind her Artemis was equally keen. Fuck and sodomized  for hours and still he played. In truth Pholoe had found it quite delightful and had reached her heaven so many times as well. This was the game, the delight she sort, the delight of a mere spoil, entertaining Hawker royalty. 

They had not spared the birch. Far from it. Each time Pholoe had been slow to comply or had not indulged in there hedonistic fantasies she had been punished and made to learn the cost of her insolence. Her ass, thighs and back worn the marks of her resistance and already her free flowing *** had started to scab. With this she had so learnt her place and now acknowledged her total servitude. She was now their slave, their gift, their fuck toy and how they had played with her.

The sound of the horn had brought her peace. Some time to rest and regain her energy. It was the horn of “St Sebastian” the horn of the feast. 
A feast now symbolic of the coming of the second night. “Juno’s feast” for some, others called it “Artemis’s feast” but to all it was the feast of the Hawkers, food to restore energy before they rejoiced on the spoil some more. 

As of all good ceremonies the start was symbolic. One female spoil was brought to the table, shackled in place and garnished with food. She had all her orifices plugged so her fluid would not tarnish the feast. However her vaginal plug was a small wine bladder and Artemis placed a glass against her lips and pushed down on her pubic bone, the bladder compressed and wine ran from her pussy into his glass. The hawkers erupted with pleasure applauding their leader.

Then came the male spoil, he was shackled to the table, his head touching hers, his cock caged so it could not rise and ruin the feast. Inside the cage a small clear hose, strapped to his scrotum a small wine bladder. Juno rose, placed her wine glass at the head of his cock and squeezed hard on his balls. A gasp of *** but the wine flowed and filled her glass. Another spontaneous eruption of joy from the hawker masses. Artemis raised his glass to Juno, who in turn raised hers, the soft chime of glass on glass as they touched, a symbolic opening of the feast of “St Sebastian” one last cheer from the excited hawker masses as wine flowed for them all and the feast began.

A hawker dream, a day of unrestricted lust, so many spoil to fulfil there every demand, and now a feast of such magnitude. So they ate, drank and shared stories of the pleasures they had enjoyed and the passions of tomorrow. With the exception of the two spoils on the table all others rested. Some still shackled to various dungeon like furniture others just shackled to prevent them escaping, but all found rest and relief from there sexual ***.

As the nights party continued just a few low ranking hawkers were left to guard the spoil. First year virgins knowing next year they will feast with the masses. Of course Pholoe had a guard to herself “Pega”was his name. He stood just a few paces back, instructed not to touch but also not to leave her. His reward would be “perse” a young and attractive female spoil yet to be touched. A shiny chastity belt protected her for now, Juno her key holder, a gift she would present him after the feast, a gift to commence his own party. she was his prize, he had picked her out himself, a present for his duty, a reward for loyalty. So to maintain his focus “perse” was shackled to a tree just by him, her naked beauty just hours from his touch, so with every passing minute Pega’s attention never wavered but his lust so grew.

It was now midnight. The night sky black, cloud cover obscured the moons bright rays. The noise of the hawkers feast now blended with the natural sounds of a night in “Prelacy forest”.  The Hawkers were raucous, the spoil were resting and the guards began to relax.

Now was the time, it was now or never, the Hawkers would not party all night. They would soon return to the spoil, and now fuelled with wine would be more promiscuous than ever. The aftermath of “St Sebastians” feast were always the most perilous hours for the spoil. No limits were set, no permission required and the effects of a drink left no deed to depraved. All the spoil would be used by all, with the exception of Pholoe and perse, Pholoe the possession of the Master and Perse just for Pega’s joy. He laughed as he thought of that and wondered who was worst off, the mass spoil as they would have to entertain so many or Perse who would have to satisfy his ever growing greed. He had already imagined so many things she would endure, and as Pega once more let his thoughts fester so once more he recognised how aroused and hard he had become.

“Now or never” Amasol reminded herself. This time her though also prompted her action. She briefly stretched her arms and legs, quite dead and numb from the hours of motionless hiding in the branches above. She knew the risks of her actions, knew she would join starlight in the stocks and was very aware of what that would mean. She also know the reward of freeing her goddess, Pholoe would so reward her and bring her such passionate joy. So Amasol slowly began to descend, silently working herself to the Hawkers playground, to Pholoe’s aid. As the ground got closer so the noise of the Hawkers feast grew, and the magnitude of what awaited focused her every thought. Before long she reached the lowest branch, wrapping her body round it she lowered herself and dropped to the floor just behind Perse. The shock made Perse jump but as a telling Yelp was about to leave her mouth Amasols hand was already stifling it. Perse steadied herself, acknowledged Amasols presence and showed her own relief and gratitude by lowering her head in submission.

Amasol removed her hand and softly stroked her face to show she was no threat to Perse. In turn Purse let her head rest against Amasols leg, her shoulders relaxed and she let her left cheek follow Amasols tender touch as she softly rubbed her face against her leg before bowing at her feet. Amasol placed one hand on her back to acknowledge her submission and quietly moved forward. She only had one chance at this. Pega was a powerful Hawker, he could overpower her with one hand, so stealth was her only chance. 

As she neared Pega she picked up one of the loose branches from the floor. One that had earlier been used to cripple Pholoes thigh, one that was used to *** her to kneel. Five meters to go, ears pricked listening for danger, Pholoe had watched her advance, trying not to betray her presence with her eyes, trying to ignore her advancing. Three meters to go, each step now guarded and measured, each step couscous and purposeful. “Your looking marvelous Pega” Pholoe spoke to distract his attention. “Juno would never know if you touch me, use me, I would not betray you” those very words were perfect, a total distraction as Amasol let her branch crash down on his skull. A whimper, a small stagger then almost belatedly Pega collapsed. 

No time to rest, no time for Triumph, Amasol grabbed the knife from Pega’s belt and began to cut Pholoe free. Frantic now, no time to waste the danger to high. A second loud blast of the horn denoted the feasts conclusion, the sound of many getting to there feet and leaving together. She could just make out the shapes of people moving, coming her way. One arm free she started on the second. Still more stood and began to move. Second arm free, down to her ankles. Pega stirred a little but remained on the floor, the masses had left the table. The unmistakable scream as the plug was removed from the female table cloth and replaced by a hard cock. First ankle free now onto the second, so nearly there, so nearly free. 

“Bitch, Pega grabbed Amasols hair slapping her face. “Your place in the stocks will be your punishment” Pega could not control his laughter as he spoke, “and this little pussy can watch as one by one we have our fill” neither Amasol or Pholoe had seen it coming, let alone Pega, the first all three know was when Pega fell to the floor, like a tall chimney collapsing after a targeted explosion. With Pega collapsed Perse was no longer obscured. The branch still in her hands betrayed her action. 

Now the Hawkers were close, Amasol could hear Juno’s voice, not shouting just so close. Without a word she found her knife beside Pholoe’s left ankle and finished cutting her last rope. Pholoe was free. Amasol however quickly stood move over to Perse, at the very extent of her tether and quickly cut her rope as well. Pholoe could not stand, her body just to broken so Amasol grabbed her left arm and placed it over her shoulder, Perse did the same with her right and between them they carried Pholoe to safety. Not a moment to soon as they entered the safety of the forest around then so Juno arrived to find her prize no longer there. 

Amasol and Perse continued to move, carrying Pholoe to safety, carrying Pholoe deeper into “Prelacy forest”. Amasol reflected on her small victory, however she soon realised they were still just Spoil running from a mass of rampant Hawkers. Day two was nearly over but more challenges would surly come with the next new dawn.


Omg absolutely amazing!!! I was hooked from the first word and already  longing  for the next chapter 😁

17 hours ago, Phoenix31 said:

Omg absolutely amazing!!! I was hooked from the first word and already  longing  for the next chapter 😁

Well thank you sweetie. I always adore your generously kind words xx

13 hours ago, Purr said:

Incredible! ❤️

Well thank you sweetie. As always your so kind xx

On 11/24/2021 at 7:52 AM, ScarlettDismay said:

Wow. ❤️

Bless you honey most kind. I hope life is treating you well my sweet xx

On 11/25/2021 at 8:30 PM, lil-monster said:

Another brilliant chapter 🙂

Beautiful words my wonderful friend. Thank you it means so much xx

On 11/25/2021 at 9:54 PM, Bella50 said:


Thank you for the message beautiful Bella. You so know how much it means 😘❤️❤️❤️❤️

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