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Unknown Pleasures

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You physically encounter bits of pieces of a person in one or two interactions for the first time, but all of sudden, you know. That’s all it took. One interaction. One glance. One hello. Then all of a sudden you find yourself wanting more. You suddenly want to absorb this person in every which way you possibly can. One simple gesture such as handing you the proposal you just printed out that your shitty boss wouldn’t stop nagging you about.


“Looks like you had a long week,” you say with a genuine laugh as you hand them to me. I suddenly feel myself begin to swell. These are the first words you have ever said to me and I respond with “yeah, I know right?” But what I actually mean is “why isn’t your tongue in my pussy right now?” Some people believe in love at first sight. Me? I believe in lust at first sight. 


I casually begin putting my proposal together feeling pleased and highly accomplished. I’m sure to impress the partners in next weeks meeting. But then the thought of work begins fleeting my mind and wanders over to you. You’re now sitting in the corner of the room focused on your laptop screen and I’m annoyed you’re not focused on me. I suddenly start to feel the room close in on me. What the fuck, why is this copy room so tiny? I think to myself. I glance around the room and suddenly my attention becomes fixated on the only thing that would give us the slightest bit of privacy in this very moment. The door. Fuck. While we’re at it, is there such a thing as having sexual tension with a doorknob? Because the way I eye fucked that doorknob hoping it would magically turn and close on its own was slowly eating me alive. Devouring every one of my limbs with each glance. 


But that’s not the way it works. Things just don’t happen because you want them to. So I walk towards the door reach for the doorknob and do what I’ve been wanting to do as soon as I walked in and saw you in here too. My back is to you but I could feel your stare pierce my back like hot daggers. I could literally feel the hotness seep into my body and take over. What the fuck was I doing? I could feel my heart in my throat. My hand shaking still on the doorknob. I turn around to face you and to my surprise you began slowly walking towards me questioning nothing. You walk up inches to my face, never breaking eye contact, and tell me to turn around. I melt. 


I’m sure you can see the confusion in my face. But I do as I’m told. A wave of exhilaration begins to wash over me. You gently push me against the door locking it in the process. You’re so close behind me I can feel your breath on my neck. You smell like a mixture of mint and charcoal soap. A mixture I find extremely pleasing. I’ve always hated men’s cologne but your smell was a clean intoxicating one that made me feel weak. I could feel my heart beating and I start to breathe heavily. Something you picked up on immediately. You grab one of my arms and gently position it behind me and let my other dangle to the side. With your free hand you slide two fingers starting from my wrist slowly up to my shoulder and eventually wrap your hand gently around my neck. Very softly, as if your hand were aiding the air to my much needed lungs. It was at this moment that I knew. All the thoughts I was conditioned to stifle were worth for this very moment. 


You eventually interlock my two arms together behind my back. I then feel you tug at your collar and you slowly take apart your perfectly constructed tie. A light blue silk tie. Blue is now my favorite color. 


You slide the tie over my head and gently drag it across my throat where it eventually spills onto my wrists. An unfamiliar intoxicating feeling begins to grow inside me. The normalcy in the tone of your voice throws me off and disrupts my state.


“This is what you wanted? For us to be alone, yes?” You ask me. You sound so calm and confident and that excites me. 


I suddenly forget to speak. I nod. Still facing the door. 


With two fingers you gently place them under  my chin and lift up and say “yes?” 


That’s my que to speak.


“Yes” I barely whisper, feeling embarrassed that I sound so soft. I wanted you to know that I wanted you bad but was so enwrapped in this moment all I could think was to follow your lead.


“Yes sir” you reiterate. I start to feel myself getting wet. 


“Yes sir” I repeat back, surprised at how quickly I respond. I begin to question who this person responding is. 


“Good girl” you say as you move my long dark hair away from my front and slowly gather it behind me. You stroke my hair while you continue speaking to me.


This ignites something a feeling too difficult to transcribe into words. An uncertain feeling my body is trying to process for the first time, but at the same time is being blissfully consumed by. I want so bad to hear those two words again and feel your fingers intertwine into my hair forever.  


“I could tell you wanted us alone in here as soon as you stepped foot inside by the way you kept staring at that door way.” 


Again your voice. Fuck, I’m so distracted with you touching me, my mind forgets humans use actual words to communicate. 


I grow flushed and more wet at the same time knowing you were watching me in such a calm and collective manner that I didn’t even notice. How did I not notice? I’m usually keen on these things. I know immediately when a man fixates his attention on me. And knowing I couldn’t pick up on that from you makes this so much more enjoyable. 


“Isn’t that right?”


“Yes sir” I respond. 


“Now that we’re alone like you wanted. I need you to understand some things. I will only do things to you that you want me to. Like right now.”


You haven’t stopped stroking my hair. I can feel my wetness seep through my panties now. 




My breathing begins to grow heavy again and I want to scream for you just to fuck me already but something tells me I can’t. I enjoy your lead and crave more and more that I continue to submit to your requests because it’s bringing me unknown pleasures. An unknown pleasure that I so desperately want to explore. 


“Yes sir” this time sounding more confident. ah , there she is. 


“Good girl.”


There it is again. I could feel my pussy engorged now wanting so desperately to be filled by you. 


“Before we play you must continue only calling me sir and only cum when I allow you to.” “As long as you can obey these rules, I’ll always make sure you have fun.” “Do you understand what I’m telling you?” 


“Yes sir.”


You begin to loop your tie around my wrists in what feels to be in an endless amount of knots in such a fast and smooth manner that it’s almost admirable. I begin to wonder how you’re so good at this. A feeling of submission continues infecting my body. I hope to never find a cure. I feel it so deeply that I’m sure a hue of colors are visibly radiating from my body that only you can see. “That’s a good girl.”


But instead you say, “have a good weekend” as you gather your things to walk out. Crushed. Your voice like shattering glass disrupts the made up trance I carefully crafted in my mind. I give you a disappointed half ass smile. “You too” I say, still staring at the door knob. 


I often told myself I had to stop having these thoughts with men I didn’t know. You try to stifle every nasty made up scenario or desire that plays out in your head due to how you are conditioned to “properly” live. But this insatiable appetite begins growing inside you. Something that needs to fed immediately.


That’s the thing about unknown pleasures. Exploring the unknown for self-fulfillment is perhaps the most thrilling feeling a human can experience.

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