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Learning how to have a daddy - little relationship w/ couples or other females


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Is this possible ?
If so can someone give me advice on how that would possibly work out xoxo 🙏🏼👀
What kind of dynamic are you looking for? Is this an interest in cuckold, having a unicorn or meeting another couple? You'd have to figure out that part first.
It’s always going to be tricky IMO because most littles get VERY attached to their daddies (and vice versa of course). However we’re currently investigating whether it would be possible in our dynamic and have discussed playing with another DDom sub couple. I don’t know about a little on their own though, there’s more potential for relationship destabilisation. Will follow this discussion with interest!
I've never met a little that would be up for sharing their Daddy so all I ask, without knowing you, is that you don't pressure them into this. It could break their little hearts ❤️

There definitely are couples or littles out there that are happy to enter a ethical non monogamous relationship/dynamic. It depends if your willing to work all together and everyone is accepting. You have to be up front from the very beginning about what it is you want and whatnot. 

I’m a little & all I want is to find another little to share my Daddy with!!! It’s totally possible.
I’m a DD in a DDLG and D/s relationship. We are ENM and there is issues with some jealousy on both our parts. But that’s why you need to have good communication, set rules and boundaries and be willing to speak up if something isn’t working for you.

I would say start slow and communicate a lot. Rein*** feelings are ok to bring up. When this happened, it made me feel xxxx. Then dive into why that feeling came about and make adjustments as needed.

It’s hard to do without a bit of *** here and there but it can be done.
In my experience, it completely swings on the desires of the little.
I spent about four years with a little who was extremely confident sexually and she liked to have one friend or another over to play often.
We worked on her confidence in all other areas of her life and she used that confidence in her sexuality to bring her around in all other areas.

Another little, exactly opposite.
She thought she wanted to add a play friend, I saw it was not going well, and just eased it down to stop.
She had a few things we worked out, and that ended the play date experiments.

I think Dragon Dom explained it best.
I, personally, wouldn’t consider adding anyone to my own Ddlg dynamic unless it was very well established and I was certain I’d be able to read my little if she took us into that sort of situation.

Would I suggest adding a third?
Not a chance in hell.
It’s not remotely worth the grief that usually comes from it.
If my little was insistent, I’d slowly work toward that goal with her.
It’s my job to love, support, and protect her. A threesome makes it difficult to do my job.
You need to start by remembering that many littles have abandonment issues and love being the center of their daddy’s universe. The thought of bringing another little girl or little boy into a dynamic can threaten the stability that littles crave. That being said, the key to every dynamic is communication and a daddy should discuss these possibilities with a little in a way that reassures their primary position in the dynamic and also affords them
some control in the process. And before you Doms get bent out of shape at the thought of giving up any bit of control - think of it as your little having hard limits or exercising a red safe word. Start the discussion with topics they’re more likely to agree on and be interested in. Little play dates with an extra little for coloring or playing games, dress up, tea party, imaginary play etc. From there move on to more sensitive topics of what the little would be comfortable with sexually. Maybe it’s helpful if she is in a Dom position relative to the new little; maybe she needs a limit so that there’s no intercourse between daddy and the new little; maybe she needs a role in the choosing process.

At the end of the day, how it possibly works is by being open and honest and finding common ground with your little and making sure she still feels safe and secure within her dynamic.
Remember that he's a person first, a Daddy second. Not an entertainment machine. Get to know each other better before starting the dynamic. Vet for your needs and expectations, ask about his
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